Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Searching for ...


 I just had to spend my time getting up before the crack of dawn, wait for the time when the sun is only thinking about coming up, and scan the sky.  Planet alignment is what I am searching for.  I don't know what I am more excited about; the thought of seeing other planets by looking Eastward, or knowing that 1300 miles away, my sweety is going to be scanning the sky as well. 

Funny isn't it; how the mere through of sharing a moment with some one, gives the project new meaning.  Giddy and ready to go, I race to my sliding glass door with coffee in hand.  I had already told everyone at work what I was going to be doing; and got the "She has lost her ever loving mind" look.  No one wanted to join in on the planet fun.  Quite alright with me, I am going to witness something that isn't going to happen again until 2024.

I love the "Sun"  setting on my camera.  Just look at that.

Standing on the balcony I wait.  And Wait.  And Wait.  Then wait some more.  The sun is breaking ground, and before I know it, she is peering over the ground and shining right at me.  Can't see the planet alignment with the sun in my face.   This was a flop.  I am so upset, I really wanted to see the planets.. Makes me wonder how close they would have been, was I even facing the right direction?  Geez, Paul had to tell me which way was East; did he tell me off my balcony or could it have been out my front door and into the field?  Leave it to me to get lost on my own apartment complex property.  Besides it was an over cased morning, wouldn't have gotten good pictures today anyway.. but there are still a few days to get the pictures I want of the planets.  In the mean time, These are beautiful pictures of the sun coming up, while the sky cleared; I even seen the moon still high up in the sky.

There is nothing prettier then the moon high in the sly when the back drop is a crystal clear blue.  Just this alone, is enough to brighten anyone's day.  Besides, there is a full week to capture what i am looking for, and for one full week; 1300 miles away my sweety will be getting up and watching with me.  That thought alone makes searching for the planets at  6:00 am  worth it..

A few days later, there i was; standing on my balcony like a veal with camera in hand.  Waiting, hoping I would see something.  I just started taking pictures of the distant   endless sky before me.  Hoping.  Waiting for my planets to show themselves.  To my wonderful, and not so wonderful, surprise... I was able to see something on my camera..

 There are two views...
1} What I thought would be seen
2} And what was seen.

I pictured to very large planets.. I was looking for the big marble like round things in the sky.  Figures right?  I what was seen on film, was these star looking things, one right behind the other.

Then it hit me.. The Planets I have been waiting for. 


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