Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Stormy night prayer...

When I was a little girl there was nothing like sitting on the sofa and watching television with my father.  Once time we were engrossed in a black and white movie,  now I can't even remember the name of the movie.  I do remember, however, a wooden boat out to sea.. a very bad storm.. and when one of  bad guys grabbed one of the good guys and took him to the highest point of the boat.  I couldn't understand why anyone would want to be at the highest point of a boat during a storm;  and at the time didn't matter because there I was sitting with daddy, watching a black and white movie.  Anyway, with rope in his hands,  the bad guy ties the good guy to this pole like thing that sat in what I thought was a big bucket; right in the middle of this storm.  Before long, and right before my eyes.. the good guy gets struck by lightening.  Screaming.  Wiggling.  Screaming.  Then, another strike.  And another.  Until only clothes rested on his, tied up bones.  

From that point on, I have held a very high respect {and fear} of storms.  No joke.  Wednesday night while I was finishing up my day at work;  there was a loud rumble, a crack in the sky, and sound of heavy rain hitting the roof.  No big deal, I was in side.  I kept thinking that I was missing some of the greatest storm pictures in the history of me taking pictures.  I couldn't wait to get home and grab my camera.  Something told me, by the time I headed home, walked up two lights of steps, unlock my door and set my belongings down; the storm would be over.  This was only partly true.  While the rain let up long enough for my to grand daughters and myself to make a mad dash for my front door, which I am extremely grateful for, little did I know the best part of the storm was yet to come

Well, the cards were in my favor tonight.  The rain only came down harder, I could stand on my balcony and watch it rain all day and all night, there is just something so relaxing about the sound of the rain.  Don't you thing so?  As I watched the movement of the storm, the trees rocked gently; back and forth, as if they were holding an infant and rocking him to sleep.  My grand daughters were enjoying the rains spray as they watched with me;  as if the wind would intentionally splash the girls just to hear their laughter.  With a sudden loud bang and a bright flash in the sky; you might have heard Jayla and Arianna scream in fear {as they ran into the living room} and then burst out in laughter.

Arianna saying "Neya who did that?"
 Often in a storm Arianna is {shaking like a leaf} wanting to be held and comforted; by the three of us watching the storm; I think she was able to relax more.  Although with each rolling thunder and crack or flash of light she would stop dead in her tracks and ask  "Neya who did that?" .  Jayla got a real kick out of each time Arianna asked this, and it took multiple times of saying  "The storm did, wasn't it pretty?" to take the look of 'I am about to panic' off her face.

Later, after both girls went home,  I was chatting online with Paul and my back was to the bedroom window, when I turned and realized the coloring out side was bouncing from a greenish orange pinkish color,  and some of the clouds were an odd grayish color,  I went into action.   I quickly asked Paul to hold on a second, grabbed my camera and headed for the balcony door.  The vision of it was to pretty to pass up.  Not only that, with coloring like this... there was sure to be a twister warning some where and the television, which is in the living room. wasn't even on.  I had no idea what was in the cards with this storm.   

 I took a few pictures of this rainbow.  This was the first picture, and then I went into my apartment and out onto the balcony to find the other end of the rainbow...

In that short spam of time, the coloring of the sky changed to this orange grayish color.  Before I knew it, the sky was the prettiest color I have ever seen...

 Maybe it was the colors of the rainbow reflecting through out the sky.  It sure was pretty though.  I couldn't help myself, the sky was so pretty as the colors faded back to black grayish storm clouds.

I hadn't forgotten Paul online, just had gotten lost in the moment.  When the rainbow was completely gone I returned back to my computer thinking, I had just seen the prettiest sight ever in my whole life.  Mentally I thought about the storm, not forgetting I needed to listen out for any warnings or the sound of that buzzing from a National Weather Service advisory that scrolls at the bottom of the T.V.

  As time went on, and the sound of thunder vibrated deep inside of me, I once again asked Paul to hold and grabbed my camera.  The time on my clock told me the day was advancing; but the sky glowed in such a pretty orangery twilight manner.  I couldn't help but take a few pictures through the tree at my front door.  I love the way these photos turned out.  Bellowing clouds in deep gray topped with a lighter gray.

This time I watched the sky longer then anticipated, and Paul  thought it better to just call.  I did leave him hanging with a hint of worry in my last online message.  As the night grew on and the clock on my desk advanced in later hours, the storm blew Eastward and left a cold wind in its wake.  After hanging up with Paul, I grabbed my camera one last time; following the flashes of light that branched her fingers toward me.  Calling me to come witness the beauty of her light.

And what a pretty light it was.  Between myself and my camera; neither were fast enough to capture her true beauty.  I could have played classical music to her timeless light display, and still not be able to express the pure wonder of nature through my photos. 

Being right off of Highway 35, I wasn't able to keep the red tail lights of cars and trucks  from dancing across my picture.  I could have cropped it out, but I wouldn't want there to be any question about the authenticity of my photos.  This picture was taken from my balcony, my balcony faces I.H. 35, when looking across the highway I can clearly see Wendys and the hotel adjacent to Wendys.  looking at the picture, far right, you can see the Hotel.

It was about 11pm and I was standing on my balcony attempting to be as quick as Mother Natures light show, needless to say i wasn't, when my phone rang and my mothers voice could be heard on the other end.  While talking to my mom, the clicking of my slow camera worked hard to keep up with the flashes of light.  One single prayer, for a really good picture brought me the brightest light of them all.  I had to turn my face and squat down from the branches of fingers as the crossed the sky toward me.

In order to keep from getting car and truck tail lights in my photos, I pointed my camera higher in the sky and waited.  While talking to my mother I informed her of the photos I was taking and the impossibility of being able to capture the dancing light.  A simple "I wish the Lord would just give me one real good photo, that really shows how bright and pretty this is", and it was done.  There are no street lights near my balcony.  As her fingers branch out across the sky, I snapped my camera... and ducked. 

Right after that, and when I caught my breath; I walked off the balcony and into my living room.  Making note to tell my mother, "I must be insane to be standing on my balcony in an electric storm, trying to get a single good photo".  When I loaded the pictures onto my computer, the excitement running through my veins burst outward,  through my mouth. 

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