Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh was a Beautiful Morning...

Today upon waking up, I knew my day off would involve an investigation, and getting a few things done.  Nothing major, just a small mind boggling investigation; well there is a story behind it. 

See, some times in the morning when I would walk out of my apartment there was always a bird to greet me, and believe me when I tell you; not every time was a happy greeting.  These past few days haven't been to bad, and that got me to wondering, {yeah I know.. courtesy killed the cat} but seriously,  for the most part I was ducking, bobbing and swooping when coming in and out of my apartment.  

Well, that would explain it.  Looks like it's empty now, hope I didn't make them fly the coop.. or is that saying just for chickens only?

I would like to point out, when I received company; no one else was ducking and bobbing.  Guess it was just luck that I had the tree at my front entrance.

I enjoy the mornings so much, that when my schedule points out my 9am work hour; I make it a point to set my alarm for 6:30am.  I know, sounds ridiculous to some of you, but I love watching the sun make her entrance... sorry guys, but I have always thought of the sun as, Her.  AnyHoo.. I wanted to capture the moment this morning, because last night... my night couldn't have been any better.

There weren't rain clouds, but just watching the dark clouds roll past the sun was the greatest thing I have ever seen.

It was almost like watching the birth of new life.  The sun rays were working hard to break through these thick clouds.

One of my favorite photos of all times... OK, so I have alot of those, but can you blame me?  I am memorized by the vision of the sun behind the clouds.  It was as if she is saying ... "I'm here !!"

 I was also visiting with my grand daughter Arianna, because we don't babysit our grand children;  we rather have them over for visits.  Kind of like having Tea or Coffee with the Royal family; it's always Tea.. 

Never mind. 

Because today was a fishing day, Sir Paul {and his brother George} made plans to head out at dawn and spend the day fishing.  Perfect day for catching up on some much needed laundry.  The loads were already sorted out,  the soap {always Liquid}and basket were already full.  I had money in my pocket, Arianna had money in her pocket; and we were set to go.  I knew I would be able to walk down stairs, put in a load and walk back without missing a beat.  Arianna looked so cute on the way to the laundry/mail room...

 I have learned to bring my camera with me where ever I go. Makes for interesting conversation at the grocery store also.  One can never tell when a great photo will just happen to pop up.  Look how cute she is in my flip flops.  She said " H'er my lip lops?" with her little palms facing upward. Mine were the next best thing.  On the way to the laundry room, she shouts "Ook Neya !! Louer !!"  and bent down to ever so carefully touch it.  It is a rare and priceless moment when you're able to catch the wonder of a child.

Seeing her in my,  "Lip Lops" , was the cutest thing ever.  I just couldn't help but to point out how big they were on her.  She combed the whole lot, pointing out all her "Lours".  And yes, I carried her up and down the stairs.. the sheer thought of her possibly falling down the stairs, due to my big flip flops, was much more then I could handle.  Not one single laundry moment got pass Arianna, not only did she have to help load the washing machine, but also add the soap, close the door, push the buttons and lastly, she even added the change. 

When Ashley {My youngest daughter and Arianna's mother} does her laundry, it is either done at Bruce's house, or I keep Arianna while Ashley battles the laundry mat.  Watching the water fill up in the washing machine, and seeing how everything worked, caught the full attention of Arianna...

She squealed with delight "Bubble Neya".  That alone, held her over until we got back into my apartment.

 The course of the afternoon was spent washing and drying another load or two;  vacuuming my apartment;  washing ~ drying and putting the dishes away; lunch and a nap... for Arianna not me.  At last,  what was the point to begin with.  By the time the storm has calmed, I was surveying  the damage. 

 Tornado Yanna moved right through the center of my apartment and ended here... in the dining room.  I hadn't any idea a storm was even brewing, next time.. I am going to be sure to watch more carefully. 

In case you're wondering;  the storms aftermath was cleaned up rather quickly.  I am going to assume it is due to one of those O.C.D tendencies I hear so much about.  Catch that?   I said tendencies.. not that I will admit to anything.

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