Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Always The New Yorker...

 Here I sit, Saturday night looking through the photos of my New York trip, when it  finally occurs to me and I fully understand the statement, "You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl."  My trip to New York City, was a long awaited dream come true; that didn't last long enough.  If my sweety were with me, and I didn't love my job so much... I would have stayed right in Long Island. My uncle Billy's place is out of this world, Nina has done a fabulous job decorating the house, and the neighborhood is to die for.

Staying a few days at my uncles place in Long Island, brought out the girl who was missing in me. The Bronx Girl, and I can't even begin to tell you; just how much I missed her.  Like I was saying before, the neighborhood was out of this world.  The green grass, the colorful flowers planted in peoples yards.. I had died and went to heaven.  To top it all off, yards don't look that good here in Texas.. Not in my area anyway. 

No matter the direction, green was all I could see.  Wonderful vibrant green grass. I walked the block and took pictures of the colors... Take a look...

Just look at the color

Now that is a Bumble Bee..

I could cover a yard in color flowers..

This Japanese Cherry tree was a delight each morning

Pink hedges mixed with green is pretty interesting, and colorful

This one stole my breathe away.. Reminds me of  my heart.. Colorful, fun, caring..

Every morning I would sit on the back door stoop and listen to a woodpecker in my uncles back yard.  Enjoy my coffee, soak up the morning air and take the vision of green in.  I often spent the first few hours of the morning talking to my sweety in Florida, or my sister in Daytona ..  I loved sharing every step in New York with my sweety, and telling stories to my sister late at night.   In my blog Live, Love Laugh; I talked about living in the Bronx, not having much grass and playing hand ball on the walls of apartment buildings next to ours.  Long Island was like being in up state New York.  No matter, I loved every second of it and, can not wait to visit again real soon.

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