Monday, May 30, 2011

Counting Days and The excitement ...

The wheels are set in motion.  Dates are set.  A time line is narrowed down.  The ticket is purchased. 

I am  beside myself.  Elated, beyond anything even imaginable.  

Depart  ~ 6/6

This is the point where a dream turn into reality.  The starting point anyway, it wont seem real until I am standing face to face with it.  A round trip ticket, departing from Florida, will arrive 2 hours from my front door in about a week.   I want to scream from the roof top, only I'm really scared to even climb up there.  I search  around my apartment, wanting everything to be perfect.  Moving this item, cleaning that trinket, tossing out the thing a ma gig that has been taking up space for months. 

Then about lunch time, or maybe it was dinner, it hits me {only cause I was hungry} ...

There isn't a thing to eat .. I haven't went grocery shopping .. That's right, I haven't a clue how to cook !!!

If old statements are true "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach"  then man am I in trouble.  Better either plan out a meal guide for that week, or we just might starve.  I have made no secret of not knowing how to cook, but being faced with a date, somehow has stamped pathetic across my forehead.  Good thing there is internet connections and people like Ree Drummond, she can cook, and lucky for me .. she post her recipes online.  The picture by picture and step by step instructions are going to be quite helpful, not that my computer is in the kitchen ~ or anywhere near it.  I am ready to take on the challenge; jump right into the unknown world of kitchen terminology, and break out the pots and pans.  Lord help me, and please guide me through the lack of cooking knowledge and don't let me burn anything... Please.

With 7 days to go, there is much to be done.  The ticket was booked on Saturday, dates and times carefully looked over as we planned via phone and web cam. It was agreed that the departing day would be the 6th, after my scheduled time of work, and allowing us to spend my two full days off together.  Followed by only two working day, and then another two days off .. really just one because the departing flight in on the 12th.   6 days await us, and they can not get here fast enough.  
The only thing that has me worried, is I can't cook.  And I haven't seen him in 29 years.  Also that my teenage physique left me long ago.  Oh,plus no one has stayed in my apartment before, who wasn't a child or grand child that is.  The excitement of it all !!

Arrive ~ 6/6

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