Friday, June 3, 2011

The Morning Countdown Part 2..

 "Feel the evening breeze
or the warm midday
sunshine on your face..."
~ Thomas Kinkade

Right now, we stand at 4 days to go.  In my last post, there was three days worth of photos, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Words are not enough to express the beautiful sunrises I have been blessed with seeing with each morning.  The colors, and the vibrant glowing of the morning, is truly breath taking.  I would suggest to anyone and everyone, make a point to refresh yourself, and take in the beauty of it all.  Make it a point to just, Stop; and smell the roses along the way.  You wont be sorry you did.  Trust Me. 

Tuesday May 31st, 2011

Tuesday morning was the greatest Sunrise yet.  Just look at these colors.. and they are not color edited.  Sharpened, yes.  I could not believe my eyes.  I let the camera do all the talking for me.

Outstanding.  I couldn't pull myself away from my balcony.  If every morning was like this, I would never get anything done.

And as luck would have it, a small group of birds started flying right into the sunrise.  Who could have asked for a better moving site? 

I could have just spent the remaining days of the week, in Tuesday alone.   But then I wouldn't have a job, or an apartment.. and worse; no place for my sweety to come and visit me in a few short days.  So I had to leave Tuesday Sunrise.

But not before I captured a few more photos.  The sunrise was just to pretty to walk away from..  And it made me feel so happy, and warm inside.  So, with a fresh cup of coffee, and the camera in my had, I let the camera soak it up.  I am so glad I did.

Even the pink is great.  Reminds me of Cotton Candy, the laughter of children, a couple in love.  The birth of a new born baby.  To be able to see something like this, and not share it... is a crime in itself. 

As the morning went of, the sunrise changed, and I couldn't very well walk away before I got some more photos.  Having an apartment facing the sun every morning; is the greatest thing ever..

Even zooming out, you can still clearly the colors of that morning.  Yep, I could handle seeing that every morning.. Couldn't you??

Wednesday June 1st. 2011

 I love capturing the sun moving into the clouds.  Like it is playing a game of "hiding  go seek". Come to think of it,  I haven't played  that game in such a long time.  

I can not get over how pretty these turned out.  The past five days, has been such an eye opener.  Filling my time with such a wonderful gift, as I wait for my sweety to arrive.  

The most two perfect mornings ever.  I went to work, both days, feeling like I have the best kept secret in the world.  I wonder how many people witnessed the sunrise these two days.  Enjoyed the colors and the sun moving across the sky.  To take something like this for granted is a shame, and missing out of the best part of every day.. Sunrise. 

"The days of our lives
Don't belong to any other person.."
~ Thomas Kinkade

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