Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beast Hidden Within ...

There is a second person that lives inside of us.  Maybe it is the little girl who loves to dance in the tall wild flowers.   It could be the little boy who sits inside a cardboard box pretending to be the next Nascar champion. 

For some,  it is the person that no one knows about.  It can only been seen through the pill bottles that sit in the medication cabinet.  From looking at the person on the outside, one would never know their daily struggles.  Their smiles are the same as yours .  The laughter rings out just like yours.  Their children are the same as yours.  The only thing that sets them apart from you is;  The Silent Killer.  They could be your child's teacher.  The police officer writing your ticket.  The cashier at the grocery store.  Maybe the person who sat next to you on the bus or subway this morning.  There isn't anything stamped on their foreheads.  You wont seen them wearing Medical ID bracelets.  

They look like ...  ME.

Daily I battle The Silent Killer.  Wake up every morning and take two pills;  at night I take two more pills, plus watching my diet was top on my list when the Silent Killer found me.  What The Silent Killers list of "Do" allows and what the list of "Don't" took away.  From looking back into my life and growing up as a child, the things I ate were very good, tasty, and out of this world wonderful.  My grand mother and mom can cook up some Spanish food... like a storm blowing through your taste buds and singing in your stomach.  That's no lie.  Who would have thought 40 years ago, I would be sharing my life with something called ...  The Silent Killer.  Not me, and I am more then sure my parents didn't think so either.  Besides, I had been looking and hoping for my Knight to show up; not this life long title that has set up shop inside of me. 

Hypertension {High Blood Pressure} also know as, The Silent Killer,  my daily battle.  Most days {which now will be every day} I wake up and slip on that cuff.  Wait as the blood rushes back down my arm and into my fingertips,  the flashing of my digital machine,and the numbers to appear before my eyes.  This morning, the numbers were 143/106, right out of bed.  Must have been some dream, huh?  Lastnight, I checked my Blood Pressure again, 156/109.  Maybe I should look into yoga classes and meditation sessions.  Something to relax me, calm me, and peal the stress off my back.  I am sure that will help, at least 50% of the BP reading.  Then this morning my Blood Pressure reading was 153/103

10 years ago, when my first grandson was born, I didn't have Hypertension.  I worked out more and was in the best shape of my life,  that is where my sites are set today.  I have 4 grand children to watch grow up, graduate school and collage, see them all marry, and have children of their own one day.  The dream  I have been waiting 29 years for, walked off an airplane almost two weeks ago.  I have big plans for us.  So much I want to give him, and share with him.  I have my sites set there as well.  

Ten Years Ago

With everything I have read today, it comes down to a few finer points of tweaking the lifestyle in order to gain the control needed:

1} Weight control
2}  Proper Diet
3}  Reduce Stress
4}  Exercise

Sometimes it seems that I am better off sticking to my eggs and toast meal plan, huh?  I had very little HBP readings; the only thing is.. the same meal over and over again, sure does get boring.  Not to say, that to much of a good thing {eggs} isn't a good thing.

The fact that uncontrollable HBP could be a sign of a bigger underlying problem, is quite scary.  Another fact, that HBP can lead to stroke and heart attack.. without any warning or reason. "The Silent Killer" is more scary then anything I have ever encountered.  A lifestyle change goes without saying. 

Here is some good information I read on 10 steps to getting your blood pressure in check:

More helpful information on Stress and High Blood Pressure:

And information on High Blood Pressure and exercise {guess a very active work day does not constitute exercise}:

The Biggest thing is Diet .. Weight Control.  There is so much to learn, so much that hasn't been proven. Less salt {already doing} and more fruit and veggies, I learn, are better for HBP.. here is another helpful link:

I have said it these past few days .. I should become a fruit-e-tarian might just look into doing that.  Well, limiting my red meat intake anyway.   There is lots to worry about, and so much I still have not done... But I am going to look at the bigger picture and  gain control of my Blood Pressure.  Keeping stress levels in check by taking time out to just relax, gaining ME time.  Eating healthy, adding more fruits and veggies {I am not a veggie eater at all} to my diet.  Exercising 30 minutes a day, making sure to put me and my health first by taking the time to walk; and parking the car further away from the entrance is a wonderful start.  Putting ME first for a change is the best news I have heard yet !! 

Have a wonderful Stress Free day everyone..

Oh, it is often said there is no "direct" link with HBP and family history.. some DR's look at it closely while others say there isn't a link.. I took a short look at my family history, and I have found that the women in my family all have HBP.

Belia {my mothers mother}
Ann {my mother}
Mary Ann {My sister}
Tabitha {my daughter with PSVT}
Linda {my mothers sister}
Eneida {my grand mothers sister on my mothers side}

and I am sure the list goes on from there.. The point?  I wish I would have paid closer attention, passed on heather choices to my children, seen the pattern.  Look into your family history.. heed the warning signs now, for your children.  Take control ... Before something like The Silent Killer is knocking at YOUR door.

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