Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vision of White...

This is nothing in the world I love more then spending time with family.  The funny things someone blurts out, the unrehearsed actions of a child, and the way I feel at the end of the day. Like it has been the best day of my life.  Yep, spending time with my daughters and grand children has to be the greatest thing ever on the face of the earth.  

My eldest daughter Tabitha is going to be in  her best friend Kim  September wedding, the Matron of Honor, so on one Saturday we went into Waco and purchased the dress.  Tabitha had Eli {Garrett was at Bible Camp and was expected home that afternoon} and I had both grand daughters, Jayla & Arianna.  Walking into Davids Bridal, was a flash from the past for me.  I loved the dresses on display.  Loved seeing Tabitha try on Matron dresses.  Loved listening to Jayla talk about the dresses.  Loved the look on Eli's face, he is such a little man already.  Loved watching Arianna copy everything her sister did.

I learned that morning from Tabitha, if ever in a hurry and unable to touch up your toe nails, just quickly use a colored Sharpe.  Works just as good from my point of view.

When we walked into Davids, this was one of the dresses that greeted us.  A striking beauty yes.  The ruffles, length, and rhinestones across the top of the dress made quite a statement.

There is something about the scattered floral etching and vintage remake lace back that gave this dress its charm. I thought it was the touch needed to an otherwise sleek design. 

No matter how old you are, or how young for that matter, a girl just seems to be drawn to crowns.  I think the veil is the best way to go at weddings, maybe because it is my traditional way of thinking, adding mystery to the bride and anticipation for the guest.

Being on that platform transforms a girl.  No matter what age you are, the thought of being in a wedding dress and seeing the vision of bride being made before your eyes, just makes the Fairy Tale seem ... 
Reachable.  Touchable.  Real.

 And there is nothing better then wanting to be like your big sister.

In the end, I think this was the best dress in the store.  That is, if I had to choose, and I don't.  Not sure what it was about this simple classic looking dress, but I could hear the layers call out...  the vintage {remake} placement of the stones making a statement...  envision a thin wrap across the shoulders of a bride... see pearl tear drop earrings dangle.. and an array of pin curls carefully cascading down the spine of the dress.  

For just a split second.. I was taken back to ball room dancing.  Black and white television shows.  Petty coats, and Red high heels.  There was nothing like it, that short vision.. thinking and wondering what it was like long ago. 

Even though we were around the "New" of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.. I think the choice of long ago was the best one I made.  The groom was all wrong, but the dress was perfect.

And the bride was stunning of course.. If I do say so myself.

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