Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ready, Set .. and Wait...

It looks close.
Just Know we're going to get it.  
Coffee made, camera ready,  flip flops by the front door, and a towel. 
Bring it on baby, 'cause I am ready. 

Nothing.  Waiting.  I am stood up.  Left standing and wanting.  Searching and pacing.  Scanning local stations and peaking outside.  Tonight, still nothing. 

 Earlier this evening, I caught a gimps of rain clouds .. seen warnings posted on local news stations ...  I just knew, deep down, that the weather chances were higher then given, and rain was going to find its way to Hillsboro

 I was excited to see dark clouds, hoping it was going to pour down on our dry lands.  Even right up to this very hour, warnings are posted for heavy thunderstorms,  just not in our area.  If someone could just lasso a rain cloud, and drag it to Hillsboro, we would forever be grateful. 

 While there was no rain, I was happy to see the evening sun.  The way the sun shone through the trees leaves was a wonderful treat.  I am always capturing the morning sun, and now am able to say that I captured the evening sun as well. 

Nothing went to waist.  I was going to make coffee for the night anyway, so I drank some sooner then I had planned; no big deal.  My camera is never to far out of reach, see.. just for reasons like this, I was able to photograph the evening sun; no big deal.  Flip flops are a summer necessity regardless,  quick to slip on when checking the mail or doing laundry, and if your feet are sensitive like mine ... walking out the door requires them; no big deal.

 It is that wall of darker clouds that I was watching.  Knowing that it was bringing rain, inching its way over top of us.  The chances for rain were just out of reach.  So close, yet so far.  Reminded me of being in a bakery, smelling the fresh baked pastry, looking at yummy cakes and pies; and being on a diet.  Unable to even embark on a tasting test.

 The rain may have escaped us tonight, but there will be another chance,  and I will be ready.  Coffee waiting.  Camera in hand.  Flip flops by the door.  And a towel just in case.  Oh yeah, this isn't the end by far. 


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