Monday, June 20, 2011

Nana's Moments..

You haven't lived until you hear a child or grandchild yell   "Nana" or  "Mom"  and come running toward you.  Nothing in the world prepares you for the rush of emotions.  The fluffiness of Pride.  Golf ball size lumps.  Goodyear Blimp size head. and  Niagara Falls tears. 

Sunday was an emotional day.  Fathers Day, and I was missing my father very much.  Thing is,  I miss him every day.   Think about him all the time.  Direct comments or questions to him without blinking an eye, just seems to happen.  But, there are days and moments when it is harder then others.  This was one of those days. 

Ashley needed a ride to the grocery store,  I  picked her and the girls up and headed to Walmart.  It felt good to get out of the house for a few minutes, I have been battling this sick queasy nauseous feeling for 6 days now... and I am more then tired of it.  Has made it hard to keep more then one meal down, my coffee doesn't taste the same.  The thought of some foods and even the smell of others have me searching for a bathroom, and I mean quick. 

Anyhoo.. I thought getting out of the apartment was a good idea. 

Once I pulled onto Ashley & Bruce place and Arianna seen me, just at the same time I seen her ...

The car came to a stop, I flung the car door open and instantly heard "NEYA"  ~ she was off and running to me.  She is quite the runner.   I hadn't seen either of the girls in a few days,  missing them doesn't even come close to what I was feeling.  Before I could even get one leg out of the car, Arianna was climbing in the front seat with me.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and it was a good thing to; cause she couldn't take her eyes off of me either.  I had missed both the girls so much.  Arianna is attached to me; and I am just as attached to her.
Jayla seen me the same time as Arianna, but she was playing with friends.  Don't you dislike the times in life when your children, or grand children, get to the point where you aren't cool anymore.  Running to hug Nana or Granny; Mema or Grandma, Mom ~ Mama ~ or Mommy,  just isn't top of the list when friends are around.  Jayla looked up, our eyes met, and she went right back to playing. 

While shopping in the grocery store; I caught Arianna looking at me like this.  I was overwhelmed with bursts of Pride.  It was like fireworks were setting off inside of me.  Nothing comes close to this feeling; except being in the arms of your other half.  

Man, there is nothing like the unconditional love of a child.  Just does something to the very soul of your heart.

Later on in the afternoon hours, I sent a text to my eldest daughter and waited for a reply.  I wondered what my son in law Cody thought of his Fathers Days gift, Tabitha made him a DVD slide show of both the boys.. every picture that fell with in the age time frame {and was of child and father} was scanned and applied to the DVD.  Music was carefully chosen and applied, a fitting theme was picked; when everything was loaded onto her laptop and the running time of the music and photos matched; it was burned onto the DVD.  It played just like a movie.  Brought tears to my eyes when I seen at the almost completion stage.  Tabitha did a wonderful job; and Garrett wrote a poem, and read it on the DVD.  Wonderful.  Just the best thing I have ever seen. 

I was happy to see a text, that dinner was a go,  planned.. Tabitha, Cody and the boys would meet me at Ihop for the last leg of Fathers Day.  I had made sure to spend the morning devoted to my father; but I wanted to also honor my son in law Cody.   I couldn't ask for a better member of my family.  A wonderful Father to my grandsons, and a fabulous husband to my daughter, what parent could ask for more I ask you.

The best thing about restaurants with Nana, is sharing the topping on Mocha coffee.  Garrett misjudged and
and scraped further then he intended, he didn't care for the flavored coffee at all.  Eli was in heaven with the whipped topping.  I couldn't spoon it fast enough and get it to his mouth for his enjoyment.

There is just something about Garrett's smile that could brighten and room and melt your heart.

That sure is good stuff.  With each spoon he echoed the sounds of satisfaction.. Mmm !!

One proud Nana

Ashley and the girls had BBQ plans with Bruce family already and weren't able to attend, James and Jamie are in Virginia, and of course my sweety is 1300 miles away... it would have been awesome to have everyone together.  A Wish and Dream that one day will come true.

Mommy offers the best entertainment !!

There is nothing better then the love between husband and wife..

One Proud Daddy...

and although Ashley, Jayla or Arianna; James and Jamie; and Paul my sweety;  weren't with us for dinner, I longed for their company,  the laughter they bring me, the joy of being around my children & Paul,  and the fullness of being complete.

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