Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday...

Friday marks the end of a long week and the start of the weekend for some, while another group of people welcome Friday as the beginning of their work week.  From the moment my feet hit the floor this morning, something told me it was going to be a day to remember, and it was.   I began to get back into the routine of things {just as my sweety said I would} and sat on the balcony with my coffee in one hand, and the camera in the other.  It was 6:20am, and I was gawking right into Fridays Sunrise, ready to face my day.

There is no other way to wake up in the morning .. except next to your soul mate that is ..  But if that isn't possible; I would suggest putting yourself right in the path of utter beauty.

See what I mean.  Just the most glorious thing you will ever witness, the rising sun. 

Tabitha and Eli came to visit this morning as well.  Tabitha is working on a Fathers Day project for her sweety, Cody.  While she worked on tweaking her project, I stood back and watched Eli.  I am always in a state of astonishment watching my grand children.  The things they do, never ceases to amaze me.  Oh, and the project is .. out of this world Fabulous  !!  I wish my time with them could have been all day, but I am so thankful for the short time given.  

There isn't anything that gets past Eli.  He watches everything very carefully, and his facial expressions lets you know right away what he is thinking.  This would be his "Hurry up Nana, I want to ride" look. 

When I walked into the living room,  there was a clear suggestion of new decorating tips from Eli.  I will take this into consideration, and maybe next time have "Love Seat Books" instead of, "Coffee Table Books".  Notice the careful placement of each one, placed side by side, not one item touching the other, the distance apart they are from one another.  And I might add .. Wonderful reading material.  Bravo Eli, Well Done.

The view from my bedroom window, is overlooking I.H. 35.  The perfect spot for any little boy who is in love with cars.  Eli gets an eye full.  Don't you just love his expression?  Priceless.

Today is also my mothers 69th birthday.  Paul and I made plans for my mother to receive two Crape Myrtle Trees, a pink one and a lavender one.  She has always wanted a pink one, but we thought two would just be out of this world, so Paul got her the lavender one and I the pink.  Could hardly wait for her to call me when they were delivered.  The one thing I would have loved; would have been to see her face when they arrived .. but being 1300 miles apart made that impossible;  from the text message I received during my break at 11:33am,  anyone would have been able to feel her over the top excitement.

Lavender Crape Myrtle ~ Picture courtesy of Google

 Pink Crape Myrtle ~ Picture courtesy of Google

Seeing that I am unable to be in Florida and photograph the trees for myself, I took the liberty of collecting three photos from Google, and just hope that the colors are similar to the ones posted here.  From the pictures that are online - there are also White Crape Myrtle Trees and Red Crape Myrtle trees, not to say the different shades of pink and lavender.  I think it was stated to be 11different kinds of colors and shades;  man that wouldn't it be so pretty to have them all lining the entrance way  leading to your home?  Don't you think this is the most breath taking entrance way?  

See, wouldn't this just be wonderful when pulling into your driveway..
Work was wonderfully busy.  I so much rather have an overwhelming busy day that tends to pass in 4 hours when you are actually working a full 8 hour shift, then a slow day that seems to pass in 16 hours while, you are physically working 8.  What did I just say?   I'm sure you got the just of my meaning. 

Moving right along..

While I was at work, we received a special delivery. 
For me. 
It rocked my world.

Daisies are the happiest flower on the face of the planet.  There is just something so warming, brightening,  fun, giggling, and wonderful about Daisies.  Reminds me of being a kid again.

Not only are the flowers great, and the simple fact that I was thought of ~  Awesome, but .. just check out that coffee cup !!  Does my sweety know me or what?

As my work day came to an end,  I gathered my flowers and boxes from the pharmacy area and headed to the back of the building; to the employee area.  On my walk to the time clock,  sighs and awes were expressed.  Comments rained down on me from the heavens, and spot lights shone on me as if I was walking the red carpet in Hollywood.  Wearing khaki pants..   Blue shirt..   Tennis shoes.  I was a movie star.

OK, so that might be a far stretch from the truth .. Fine, it is a far stretch from the truth, but it's how I felt and besides, this is my story..

 My day couldn't have began .. paused.. or ended any better then it had.  One of the single most wonderful days in my life time.  I sure do look forward to many more like this.

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