Sunday, June 19, 2011

My wish for Fathers Day ...

Fathers Day is a time of celebration, a special day to honor just your dad.  Remembering and reflection of the wonderful things he did with you,  for you, around you, and because of you.  The sound of his laughter, the wise words he offered you, the direction he pointed you in, and the values he instilled on you. 

If by chance your Fathers Day feels empty because he is no long with you; take time out of your day today, just for him.  Go ahead, talk to him.  Reflex with him.  Honor him.  Because part of him is still with you, deep inside of you.  That never goes away.  He runs through your veins.  Whispers the right thing to do, in your darkest moments.   And when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, it is his words of wisdom that give you the courage to go on. 

Go ahead, and take time the time today to honor your father.  A Moment just for him.  Light that candle.  Cook his favorite meal, or go to his favorite restaurant.  Play the music he loved listening to.  Look through your wedding album, or family photos taken with him.  Celebrate his memory.  Honor him.

If you still have your father, heed the words above.  Nothing is more precious then having your father close enough to touch.  Maybe just a phone call away.   Listen to his laughter.  Remember his smile.  The way he walks and talks.  Soak up the wise words he offers.  Learn the morals and values he is teaching you.  Life is a gift, and time is to short.   Don't let anything get in the way of your relationship with your father.  Either parents for that matter.  Make time today just for your father.  Honor the breath of life he has given you, the roof kept over your head, for pushing you to finish high school/collage, walking you down the isle, giving you the encouragement you needed with your first born child, his blessings on your engagement,  teaching you how to drive, and for every time he chased away the monsters or stayed up holding you while you were sick.

These are the things you can never get back.  They can never be replaced.  It isn't until you are without him, that you realize, all the things he will never do with you again.  New experiences in your life, will never be shared with him.. so don't take the time you have with your father for granted.  Keep every second with him close to your heart.  Make a point to reach out to him daily.  Share stories with him often.  Let your children learn from him. 

I lost my father many years ago,  there are times ~  like today, that it hurts just as much as it did long ago.  The wounds are fresh once again.  What I wouldn't give to sit on the sofa and watch a football game or baseball game with my father.  To hear his laughter one more time.  Listen to the sound of his voice.  Ask his advice during my difficult times.  To see his great grand children today, and every day there after. To tell him how so very much I love him, and to hear him tell me "Te quiero mucho".   If I were granted one wish to come true, it would be to have my father for just one more day.  If only. 

I will make a point to set aside time with my dad today.   Talk to him as if he was sitting right next to me.  Light a candle in his honor.   Open my mind and heart to feel him running through my veins.  When I look in the mirror, I know I will see a portion of him looking back at me.  I will feel his heart every time mine beats.  And in the darkest of times, I will close my eyes and listen for his direction.  Remembering the values and morals he instilled in me, and honor him every day by living.  By carrying on his legacy.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy .. I miss you more then any word written.  Thank you for all you have given me; for the wisest words you spoke,  for your laughter and love of sports,  for teaching me, caring for me, loving me unconditionally, and for giving me life. 

I hope I make you proud.  
Have I daddy?  Do I make you proud?

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