Friday, June 10, 2011

The Morning Countdown.. Final Chapter

 Here it is, Monday morning and so much is going through my head.  To start off with, there has been a family emergency of sorts, to say the very least.  I have had to call out of work, my mind is in ten places at the same time.  Worry and excitement have taken over my very day.  As I get the last minute duties finished before my sweety flies into Texas, my grand daughters Jayla and Arianna help and keep me company; not to say; a little more grounded. 

The morning couldn't have been better.  There wasn't a single cloud in the sky,  the sun keeping everything bright...

Tenderly touching the ground below, lighting the way for my eyes to take in the distant land and soak up the green pastures..

as much as I wanted to stay on the balcony taking the morning in, there was still much to do.  Last minute things, like vacuum the apartment one more time, clean up any signs of morning use in the restroom, and to stay on top of the little toys left behind by the girls.  Once the vacuum came out, Arianna headed for higher ground, and Jayla was trailing right behind her.  Making my room the first to attack, both girls took cover on my bed.. and how sweet they both played together, pretending to call it a day, and settle in for a long night..

Could there be anything better then sisterly love, and sharing it on Nana's bed.  Just  makes everything ten times better to see these girls play and smile like that. 

The afternoon left me waiting, for word.. for a flight.  Worry of what will be and anticipation of seeing my sweety; 29 years of searching - waiting, finally comes to an end.  Six days together, regrouping, relearning, remembering.  My stomach,  in knots; my head, spinning; and my apartment filled with the laughter of my grand daughters. 

Just look at the afternoon sky, so blue and the clouds so white.  How could anything go wrong on a day like today?  You would think it couldn't, but just as any thoughts lead in that direction.. something happens and brings earth right back to my feet.  I wait.  Looking upward,  praying that everything will work out.

The first flight has left, Tampa to Atlanta becomes the first stop on this journey.  Through Web cam and phone calls, I was able to spend the morning with my sweety.  Now, only through cell phone and departing / arriving times, are we able to keep each other posted.  With each minute I find myself wanting to scream and jump around {like a child with the biggest lollipop},while another part of me wants to bite my nails to the knuckle.  Both girls have eaten lunch and are napping, leaving my mind to wonder.  My hands reaching out for things to do, and the second hand on the clock moving more slowly then ever .  Loudly I hear its movement, Tick  Tick  Tick.

With the directions and map printed out, placed next to my purse, my outfit on and make up finished; I glance over at father time.  Not long now before the drive to the airport begins, and the waiting comes to an end. 

8:55pm and the night is as I hoped it would be.  A full tank of gas.. Toll and parking money in my wallet.. Keys and coffee in hand..  I get in the car and head toward  Dallas Fort Worth Airport.  My heart is racing, and my mind is replaying every conversation we ever had.  The sound of his voice calming me as I sit behind the wheel.  It seems like the car knows right where to go, if second nature kicks in,  when I begin to notice; the closer I become to standing face to face with Paul, the more relaxed I become.  The sense of "home"
takes over, and I knew instantly .... Everything is as it should be.

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