Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homes by Holmes we are not..

  I love the show Homes by Holmes.  I could watch him rip rooms down, and build them back up again, all day long.  And have.  When I take on a home project, I try to remember the things he has said.  How things should come together, and how to make sure the work area is safe.  My mother is right along side me as I rip things down and rebuild them again.  

  At any given time, one if not both of us would say "Holmes said" or "Holmes would say".  It makes us laugh every time.  My sweety will tell you, I tune in and search for Holmes daily, and 9 times out of 10; my television will bounce from HGTV to what ever good show is on,  hourly.

   I have found some very useful ideas, and came up with some pretty good home projects.  My back porch is the current project.  We have lived in this house for 2 months now.  When we moved in, out side of the painting and indoor make overs; I wanted to extend the back porch sitting area and make it more welcoming.

  This was the back porch  seating area when we moved onto the property.  Not enough room for my taste.  I wanted my glass table and chairs, plus my rocking chairs and plants to all occupy the area and, for it to scream relaxation.  This space was not it.  So, I came up with the plan to extend the porch seating area into the current storage/animal area and my sweety agreed.

  This is defined as the current storage/animal area.  There was so  much needed space I could take from this area, and extend my seating area, plus remove the current animal space and make a tool  area for my sweety.  My brain was in hyper over drive.

 This picture shows both spaces better, and how limited the seating area really was.  We had a lot of work in store for us.

  The outer walls to the current storage/animal area had to be removed, half the back wall needed to be opened up, and screens needed to be added.  Then, a wall of some kind has to be added to define the seating and tool space area.

  At the moment, that makeshift screen wall divides the two areas.  My plan is to remove this screen wall and move it down to the tool area.  Making the seating area larger,  plus it will put the entrance onto the back porch, dead center of the whole screen porch.  Also, the back door will be center of the porch, and not butt up against the current storage/animal area

  I could not take this cramped space any longer.. As it so happened, my sweety started working an odd shift.  Perfect time to get started on the back porch makeover


  The walls have come down and the screens have been put up. You can see where the old porch ended, because of the white trim paint.  It was a very short porch seating area.  My mother and I made a half temporary door out of pallets.  Just high enough to keep the dogs off of the work area.   That make shift pallet door, way down there,  is going to be the entrance of the tool storage area.  

  Love how open this area is now, and the breeze that comes through the space is awesome.  I can not wait until it is completely finished.

  From the half pallet door {right side} back is going to be the tool storage area.  We are not going to cover the whole back wall, because it will limit air flow through out the whole space.  Where the dust pans sits, to the right of the photo, a screen wall and screen door is going to define the seating area and the tool area.  I would love to enclose the two spaces from each other, but it would make the tool area way to hot for my sweety and close off the area to the morning and evening breeze. 

   From this photo, you can really get an idea of the seating area.  From the dust pan {now on the left side of the photo} well past that screen partition, is going to be the seating area.  I am going to put my two white rocking chairs in front of the windows to the right of the photo and my round glass table, just past that screen partition.  Plants of all colors and greenery will liven the area while bringing warmth and comfort to any guest who enters.  Two days hard work, well worth the space I will share with my sweety.

  As with any construction site.. comes an unwelcome mess...

  Plenty of convincing had to  take part , to get me to walk away from this mess.  I wanted to clean it all up before it became too late.  But, dinner needed to be made, and I was more than ready to give into the AC that was calling me loudly.

 Can't wait to show you the finished project.!!!

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