Monday, May 14, 2012

A Pallet and a Table

   A while back I asked my sweety to tell his brother to bring me pallets.  I didn't care how big or small.  If the wood looked dated or beat up.  I just wanted pallets.
   Well my sweeties brother, George, came through for me.  With the pallets George has brought me I was able to design a spice rack for my mother.  My sweety put the spice rack together, I just showed him what I envisioned, and he brought it to life.  

   The past two times George has brought me pallets, they have been the cream of the crop.  With one of the pallets, I set it on black plastic saw horses to keep the tulips out of Thorns grasp.

Tulip Saver
   The idea worked because Thorn wasn't able to remove the bulbs from the pots.  But it didn't save the tulips.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to grow tulips?  Come to find out, if the bulbs retain to much water, they rot and die.  Even when the soil was dry the bulb still held water, as it turned out they held to much water; and I killed them.  Lesson learned for next year. 

   Every time I look at this pallet though, I see a swing hanging on my porch.  Not a human swing, but a plant swing.  I am going to cut this pallet in half and make a plant swing.  I can not wait to share this design with my sweety, and watch him make it. 

   The next pallet George brought me, almost had me in tears.  The second I laid eyes on it, I knew it would make a perfect BBQ table.

Pallet Table
   I envisioned it and my sweety bought it to life.  The table is going to sit outside just across from the BBQ grill I haven't purchased yet.  It had to be high enough to keep the dogs from grabbing anything off of it, yet low enough for me to be able to place food or drinks on top. 

    Look at that rugged wood.  I am going to use the electric sander to get all the boards smooth and even.  Than I am going to seal the wood with an all weather coating.  I am going to search for either bare wooden bar stools or cast iron bar stools to pace on either side of the pallet table. 

   The open slots under the table will come in handy for storage, simply add some very large baking trays.  The perfect place to add any items needed for the BBQ.  Foil, spatula and such items.  Plus it is still out of the reach of the dogs. 

 I am quite pleased with my Pallet Table.  Thank you Sweety!!

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