Monday, June 4, 2012

Excape to the Beach Room...

  In the place where I live, there are four bedrooms.  Although I have not completed the master bedroom yet, I have started mental plans on making one of the guest bedrooms a beach delight.

Master Bedroom

 So far in the master bedroom, we have painted all the walls and the new carpet was put in.  The bed linen was supplied by my sweety, more than positive this was to ensure the linen wouldn't get to girly.  The only thing to do at this point, add curtains to compliment the linen, purchase 'S' hooks to hang my pictures from the Kestrel head board, and small finishing touches to make the space ours.  Not to bad, and not to girly as my sweety would say.

 In regards to the 'beach room'; well I still have to paint it and..  here, let me just show you.

Beach Room
 The picture doesn't do the room justice. You can't see the ugly mint green color.  I am not keen on the color at all.  So I am going to paint it white, making the room appear larger than it is; and add beach relaxation pieces to it.  

  My sister gave me a painting of a light house.. I am going to add it to the wall, bringing the beach front to life in the room.  I plan on building a half pallet table and placing some beach items on it to bring that water front relaxation feel to it.  lastly, the sheer curtains I intend on hanging, will bring a soft comfort to an over worked mind.  

  I have it all in my head.  How I am going to place things.  Where I want to hang this and that.  The feel I am going for.  Now to just bring it all together.  Here are some of the 'like' items I am going to use in the room.

Natural Stone Heart

  Bringing the outdoors in, by using a clothes hanger to design the heart and covering the space with a small hole mesh fencing, and filling it with rocks from a small opening.

Clothes pin frame


Can't you see this frame filled with pictures of the ocean and sunsets?  Flips Flops and straw hats.  Dolphins and seagulls.  I can almost hear the ocean now.

Beach Sand Foot Prints

  I found a wonderful website, explaining how to
capture your footprints in beach sand.  How cool is that?  I want to get a set of my foot prints and one of my sweety.  How neat would it be to have one of his foot and one of mine?  Perfect addition for a beach room.

Pallet Table/bench

  I have the pallet for my table already.  I am going to make just the table portion of this picture.  It is going to hold a few Beach items, a basket next to it filled with beach gems will tie in the whole room.

Beach Sand & Shell Jar

  The Beach Jar I have in mind, is filled with beach sand on the bottom, and shell all the way to the top.  There will have to be lots of beach visits to finish this project.  Yay for me!!

Picture of a Lighthouse

  I love Lighthouses.  I have a picture my sister gave me, that I am going to add to the wall of the beach room.  It s going to be a perfect addition to the room, and I love the idea of having a piece of my sister sharing in the relaxation of others.
Map art showing the water.

   Lastly, the Big Blue.   Although my Beach Room wont put you in the greatest beach places in the world.  It will bring a small portion of what it could be, to you.  I can not wait to get the room started.

What theme rooms have you started on?

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