Friday, May 18, 2012

My reuse of Kestrel Closet doors..

 A while back, like a few short months ago, my mother and I were coming home from the local grocery store, when I spotted a treasure on the side of the road.

My mother and I joke about how I had become my grand mothers second husband, Henry, because he use to stop on the side of the road and pick up treasures as well.  His treasures were cans though, my treasure was not.

What to do with these....

My mother asked what I was going to do with my new found treasure as there are two sets of them, and I had no idea at the time.  Something inside of me said "STOP.  Pick that up, it is going to come in handy one day."

With my OCD, I find myself disliking the strangest things.  I didn't like the bathroom windows, oddly enough, so we took one panel of these Kestrel Style Closet Doors and covered the bathroom windows.  First of all, the hall bathroom window faced the back porch.  Curtins would have been crazy in a bathroom window that is close to the shower area. Covering them ith these wooden shutters type of doors, would be perfect.

Perfect window covering
 The other half of the Kestrel Style Closet door, we covered the window in the master bathroom.  Something about having my back to the window, didn't settle quite right with me.  My sweety thought I was out of my mind, but he went along with my plans regardless.  Isn't he great!!

Another Perfect it.
I am working on that shelf above the window covering.  Who in their right mind would put a shelf way up there anyway?  Geez!!

I was left this one full Kestrel Style Closet Door and one single Kestrel panel.  What to do with them.  They sat in the storage area for quite a while.  I tossed around making shelves out of them.  Making an end table of some sort.  I knew there was a lot of work to do in the master bedroom, painting, new blinds, new carpet.  But, I also knew it would when the time was right, what to do with the Kestrel Style Closet Doors would hit me.  So, the master bedroom work began.

Walls had to be painted and sealed before the carpet arrived..
Walls painted, carpet removed, and floors sealed..
Once the Master Bedroom was fully painted, the floors sealed {OCD problem, I had to seal the floors with something to keep any smell or anything from getting through the carpet}  KILC Pro V worked wonderfully.  Obsessively I used a whole 5 gallon in just the master bedroom, en suite, and closet.  It was well worth my peace of mind.

Master Bedroom Decor'
Mind you.. the room has been painted and sealed, plus the new carpets were put in along time ago.  I still had no idea what to do with the Kestrel Style Closet Doors.  Than, one night it hit me.  My sweety and I did not have a head board, we don't have a foot board either, and using the Kestrel doors would work perfectly. 

Purchasing something because you feel you need it, isn't a bad thing, I just like to wait until something 'speaks' to me.  It has to jump out and grab me in order for me to purchase it.  When my mother and I cut the doors, and placed them in the room, I knew right away, it was the perfect head board.  The dark brown adds the perfect strong contrast to the wall and brings out the dark strips of brown on the bed linen.  Using lighter end tables beside the bed, brings out the lighter colors in the bed and carpet.  allowing the room to flow through to the closet, and en suite.

 I'm not done with my Kestrel Doors.  I am going to pick up some 'S' hooks, attach ribbon to some vintage frames, and hang photos on my home made head board.  The photos will be colorful, adding a splash of color throughout the room.  I'll have to post another group of photos, when it is completely finished. 

So, what do you think?

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