Thursday, May 10, 2012

The things I say... Wow!!!

  Remember the days when your children were little, take a second and think back to the times when they would say the darn-est things at the darn-est times, I could name off a half dozens if I just really thought about it.    We as adults would laugh it off, little ears.. big voice. 

  Oh the things little ones say. 

  What about the things big people say.  The things that come out of our mouths, and than you want to shove your head into a whole.  Yeah.  Those times.  Take a quick tour with me, and you'll understand why I wanted to bury my head.  Why I say the things I do, is well past understanding.

Grow grass... Grow!!
  I live here.  I'm not crazy about the green house and black shudders.  So I am planning on painting the shudders white, after my hands and wrist heal of course.  When we moved to this 4 bedroom 2 bath 1 acre place, the front and back yard was nothing but sand.  The doings of the previous tenants and the horse they owned.  So meet my little grass children.  The blinds though out the place are new, and the carpet has been ripped up and replaced.  2 five gallon paint buckets were purchased, so far we have used only one of the 5 gallons.  I have plans for the other 5 gallons left, one of the bedrooms is painted this mint green color that doesn't sit just right with me, so it has to go; after my hands and wrist heal of course.

  The flat entrance isn't appealing to the eye, so I would love to put up a pergola, one that has a moveable sun shade; making coffee drinking outside a delight.  Another thing on my 'waiting for a full healing' list. 

  You can see the AC unit to the left of the front door, don't ask why, because the reasoning of a move like that is just inexcusable.  Oh, how I would love to move that AC to the back of the house, or even cover it up by enclosing it with something pretty, maybe colorful blooming plants.  Anything is better that that 12 year old 4 ton unit at the front door.  Thant reminds me, did I tell you about my visit with Scott's One hour?  Let me tell you this shocking story.

  First we have to go back a few days, maybe even longer than that.  When we were having cooler days and wonderfully cooler nights, we didn't even worry about running the AC.  There was even a time or two in the beginning when the temp had dropped down into the 50's, where we kept the windows open and soaked up the cooler weather.  I was really missing Texas when the weather warmed up because, that is when we really needed our AC.  So, like more than half the people in Florida, we closed up our place and turned the unit on for the first time and waited for the temperature to drop to a comfortable level.  We like it at 70, we would love it at 50 but, keeping the unit at 70 is logical.  We wait.  And wait.  Again we sat waiting until the unit brought the house from 88 down to, 84.  This is not going to work at all.  I am not about 84 degree weather inside my house.  So, we turned off the unit, opened the windows and put our fans in place. The weekend was in a few days, and my sweety was going to check the ducts, make sure there was open air flow and everything was intact.   It was.

Box fans went in 2 windows to bring air in...

  One of the major problems with the unit, was it never turned off.  The outside unit ran all the time, lord knows during these times Tampa Electric Company loved me.  Although it never really cooled the house, I knew that the unit should have shut itself off at some point and time.  So we called the previous owners, because as we understood it; the husband put the Ac unit in himself... ducts, connections and all.  Who would know better about the unit, than the person who put it in.  After talking to him and listening to his suggestion, we agreed to set an appointment for the AC guy who worked on the unit in the past.  This AC guy came out to the house three different times to work on the unit where on his last visit, we found the unit completely frozen over.. from the compressor to the coils.  Our AC unit was one big block of ice.  Now if only our house was as cold.  It was during that visit, when the AC guy told us that the AC is working to hard because of our front windows "To many windows in front" he said in his broken English. "This let water out. Do not remove this.  OK?" I wasn't sure why he was saying this because I am more than sure the drainage PVC do dad, wouldn't freeze over the whole unit. Do yourself a favor; hire your own AC company. 

while 2 of these fans worked hard to move air around the room

  From the point of that AC guy last visit, we never ran the unit again.  I made sure to make my point to that AC guy.  "That PVC thingy, has nothing to do with why the whole unit is frozen."  He just looked at me  "And the windows in this house, are the same windows that were hear before."  again he just looked at me "If the unit ran good before with these windows, it should run good now."  Still he said nothing.  "With a 4 ton unit, I should be hanging meat in this house".  You could have heard a pin drop.  That was the last time he looked at our unit.  Stupid isn't stamped on this forehead.  During the week we ran fans in the bedroom, dining room, and living room.  My sweety headed out to work before the sun came up, and would return most times after the sun had set.  So, both of us were not suffering during the week.  Not at home anyway.  I would work out in the yard, yes even with my temporary cast and visit my mothers place every other day.  I would do laundry on those days, and soak up as much of her AC, physically, as possible.  My mother and I even began cooking on the grill I purchased for her, because it was just to hot in my house to run the range or oven.

Grill I purchased for my mother ~ guess I should have gotten one as well
  We are getting plenty of use out of that purchase.  Burgers, steak, pork chops, hot dogs; just about anything we could think of to cook on the grill, was cooked on that grill.  In the proses, my kitchen didn't rise above the out door temperature.  Still, 92 inside; was 20 degrees to hot for my taste.  Boy was the cooking good!!

  This is where, when the weather became to hot inside, we called Scott's One Stop Air.  It was the perfect choice.  The very next day, a Tech name TJ was standing at my AC unit and checking things over.  There were hoses, red and blue gauges, sighing, words about the compressor running at over 15amps when 14.1 should be the max.  Talk about the unit being a dinosaur at 12 yrs old, and than the really scary words came out.  "Let me show you something." TJ said to me, so my mother and myself moved closer to the unit.  "You see this contact connection right here?"  "Yeah" escaped my lips "It is soldering itself to the unit because, the compressor is working to hard to keep up with the coolant."   "OK" I replied.  "The black around the contact connection is where it is catching fire."  Eyebrows went up.  "Oh my God.  Fire?"  I looked at my mother, in shocked, and said "And that other AC guy was just here a week ago.  My house could have burnt down!  With us inside!  Jumping out of a bedroom window!"  The Scott's One Touch guy walked over to the AC unit box outside, and pulled out the power connection. 

   I must have spent the remaining time TJ was working on the unit in shock.  Before I knew it, we are talking about cooking on the grill.  About my older brother becoming the kitchen police.  About how both my brothers have become more aware of the ingredients we cook with.  And how the biggest fear of them both, were heart burn and their bowels.   While TJ is screwing the panels back on the AC unit, he began to chuckle.  "Think about it TJ" I began "how can you be Puerto Rican and not want seasoning on your food?"  Again he laughed, this time more than a chuckle.   "See what you have to look forward to when you get into your 50's TJ.  Thoughts of, if your food is going to give you heartburn and;  if you'll be able to move your bowels the next day."  My mother was sitting in a chair under the shade of our oak tree. She was now laughing very loudly.  I walked up the stairs to enter my house, in the back ground I hear TJ and my mother laughing.  Than it hits me.  My right hand slaps into my head forehead.  Quietly I say to myself  "Good Lord, you just discussed your brothers bowel problem, with the AC guy!!"  

  From that moment on, I just listen.  Carefully.  And answered with short responses.   "No matter what.  Do Not plug that power source back in."  TJ said.  "I wont" I replied.

  Later on that night, I told my sweety what happened.  He shook his head, disbelieving my very real actions.. 
"I know" I said "I don't know what happened.  I don't even know how the subject came about" I reasoned
My sweety chuckled and grabbed a beer.

  Looking back on the whole blabber session.  I blame the restraint on my wrist.  I blame the hot sun shining down one me that morning.  I blame the weeks of indoor heat.  I clearly wasn't myself.  Right?

Oh Baby!!!

That night, we had BBQ chicken and baked potatoes.  Yum!!  
Than I went to sleep, hopping all parties involved would forget my moment of quirkiness.

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