Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yard sale item turned Home Project

 I love going to yard sales.  When ever my sweety and I get the chance, we stop at a few and pick through the treasures.  Look at what we found at a yard sale close to our house...

Hanging Pot Rack
 This Hanging Pot Rack was only $10, and is in super condition.  Now, my living room, kitchen, and dining room is an open floor plan.  I have always wanted a Hanging Pot Rack, but I wouldn't dream of interrupting the flow of the space. 

 Just look at the design and scrolling of the metal.  It is the prettiest thing ever.  It just so happens that the seller, had no idea this was a Pot Rack; otherwise I am sure it would have been more.  I am going to put potted plants in it, Ivy and vines, than hang it in my extended porch area.  Right in front of my computer room windows. 

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