Friday, July 20, 2012

The Gift of Giving Life...

 One of the greatest gifts ever given to a woman, is the gift of bearing children.  The gift of carrying and caring for your child as it grows inside of you.  The feeling of just knowing this tiny life, was placed in your care deep inside of you.  Planted with the most care.  Feeding and living off of your life.  Until one day when your body, God and the baby, decide it is time to show you the true meaning of life... and after much effort {long or short labor] you are holding the greatest gift ever.  

I wouldn't want to go through labor again, even though carrying my children inside of me was the best feeling I have ever had, and I wouldn't want to turn the clock back to change any second of my life.  It has made me the woman I am today.  It has brought me the most wonderful three children any mother could ask for.  It has gifted me with the greatest five grandchildren any Nana could dream of.  

Nope.  I wouldn't change one thing about my life.  Not one thing about any of my experiences on The gift of Giving Life...

This is the newest expected member of our family.  My sisters fourth grand baby.  My sisters youngest daughter Christina is expecting her first child.  These moments.. are the moments of a life time.  Seeing your child clearly for the first time.  Watching them move, even when you can't yet feel it.  Knowing that from the second of conception, you and you alone are fully responsible for another life.  

Doesn't that just warm your heart?  Look at the little arm resting next to the side of the baby.  See the little arm straight up?  You can see the tiny nose, and where the eyes are forming.  The tiny chin.  This little baby, is 12 weeks and 4 days growing.

 Isn't it something?   Medical Technology has advanced so much through out life, that even ultrasounds can show the littlest parts of a baby while it is in the mother womb.  You can even see the darkened areas where the heart and lungs are forming.  All of that God given gift giving ~ called Life.  A gift only given to women.

 My children are older. I have grandchildren.  And I am still amazed at what women can do.  Only us.  It is mind blowing, don't you think?  The bond between a mother and her children, is a bond started before the hint of even pregnancy.  It is formed before any physician office pregnancy test.  Before her unborn child is placed carefully in her arms.  

A bond that can never be broken.  

 Just look how detailed this ultrasound snap shot is.  The facial structure is visible, where the skull will fuse {after the baby is born} is clearly visible.  It is ten time easier, with today's Technology, for parents and physicians to keep on top off any future medical problem the baby may encounter. 

This is wonderful, because in my child bearing years; things like that weren't as up to date.  In fact, as I have been typing this a few things have crossed my mind.  If I had my children in today's times, I would change a few things.  I would have moved into a more family orientated neighborhood, where block parties are held and all the parents knew each other and friends hung out at each others house.  A place where worrying about my children was just a nightmare.   I would have home schooled my children, and made sure they were well out of reach from, shady teachers, touchy coaches.

You know what I mean.  The news is pretty much the same in every city.  Every State.  Every Country.

Such a small cute tinny hinny end.  See the legs?  The bone in the right leg can be seen, and ... wait a minute.  Could that mean it is a boy, or could that be the umbilical cord?

When we receive gifts from our family or loved ones on Christmas, our birthdays, valentines day, or just because gifts; we show our excitement with laughter, tears, and/or screams of joy.   We keep the gifts close to our heart, care for the gifts, and even boast {or show off} the gifts.  A child is a Gift.  Planted just for us, molded to suite the ever growing family tree.  

Shout out in Joy about your gift.  Boast and show him/her off.  Care for the gift you carried and nurtured in your womb.  

It is the only Gift that we will ever love like no other.

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