Saturday, July 7, 2012

Raging Wildfires...

  I follow a few bloggers like myself.  Two of them right now, are experiencing the wildfire outbreak.  I really feel for them both.  Their plates are pretty full right now.  The worry of themselves and their families.  The stress of keeping family and personal items safe.  The fear of losing it all. 

  The images in the news and online, haunts me nightly.  All I can think of is "What if that was my home?"  or "My family?" and "What if we had to leave it all behind?"   I didn't take any of these photos nor are they the photos of the two bloggers I spoke of.   

Colorado Wildfire

Utah Wildfire

  I researched the Wildfires in the United States for the 2012 year so far.  I was very surprised at what I saw.  I added the link so you can see the many states and people who have been affected by the 2012 Wildfires.

  On the National Interagency Fire Center home page, click on the Fire Information tab in the gray, then once you are redirected click on the National Fire News link in gray on the left.  That will direct you to the states and areas where current Wildfires and reported Wildfires are.  The last time the site was updated was July 6, 2012 so the information is pretty up to date. 

  I hope you all are able to click on the link I posted.  If not, I am so sorry, copy and paste the link into your search bar.

Do you know any one who has been affected by the 2012 Wildfires?

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