Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making a Dent...

  Today marks the end of the traveling road.  We took the Uhaul back this morning.  Seeing it in my yard made me want to jump in it and travel somewhere, anywhere, great and exciting.

I have the travel bug in my veins.

  When my sweety and I rented our Uhaul to travel from Texas to Florida; the Uhaul leaked and all the boxes we placed in the little cab overhang area; were soaked.  This trip with the Uhaul, went smoothly.  There weren't any leaks inside the truck at all.  Still, I am a documentation type of person, better to be safe than sorry.  So before we turned this bad boy in, my sweety snapped a few photographs of the exterior and the interior.

  Nice and clean.. not the way we got it.  But going over and above the 'how it was given to me' thinking,  just goes to show the type of people we are.  Not to say my sister filled the gas tank completely, she received it at less then half full.  She is good people.

  When my sweety and I returned back to the house, he went on a service call and I got my group together {Christina and my mother} to began working on the unpacking.  My sister will arrive from her week relaxing vacation on Friday, I want everything perfect. 

All the empty boxes in the living room were taken out to the trash.  We hung two of her pictures above my windows, on either side of my clock.

Emptied out the two boxes you see here, she had them full of DVD's and books.  Everything is neatly put away.

Cleaned off my bar area and the two boxes in front of the bar, put them in the storage space area inside the pantry room. Sorry the picture is blurry. 

 Added Christina's desk to the dining room and put Marry Ann's office stuff on it.  You know, her printer and small things like that.

 We hung lights in the pantry room.  I hated that lamp sitting on the boxes.  I was afraid the lamp would fall over and start a fire while we slept.  From the hot bulb & carpet touching.

 And organized the remaining boxes and Christmas totes my sister has.  There is still some boxes to empty, as you can see here, but they are full of extra body soaps and razors; over stock stuff.  Then, we broke down the empty boxes and put them out for the trash.  

 It has been a very productive day.  We made a huge dent in the unpacking phase.  I am pleased with what we have accomplished.  Hats off to my mother and Christina.

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