Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back Porch Make Over...

 The wall has been moved.  I am so excited!!!

Back porch in January 2012
   I have had this project in my head for months.  From the second my sweety and I walked through our place, I had a vision of moving the back porch wall.  I wanted to open the space up, and give plenty of sitting room for family and friends to visit.

   I pictured holiday dinners here.  Birthday parties.  Coffee gatherings.  Women catching up.  Men BBQing. Families getting together and telling stories of the old days.  Laughter reaching the roof top and children running around in the back yard.  I had a dream to make our place a Family Place.

Cramped porch in May 2012
   The other day, while I was blogging inside, I heard hammering & sawing coming from just beyond the back door.  When I peeked out to see what was going on, the excitement swelled up inside of me and I felt like jumping up and down screaming. 

I didn't.  But I really wanted too.

Larger space July 2012
My sweety moved the wall!!!!

   The space looks rough right now.  Cleaning and reorganizing will tackle the porch today and in an instant, I will have the back porch I envisioned.  

   I love how the two areas flow together.  How much bigger it all seems.  That 'pallet' in the back ground, will eventually be a door.  A screen door is what I am hoping for.  Something that will still allow the air to flow through the whole porch, yet define the seating area from the storage area, while allowing accesses to both spaces from either on the porch or the yard.  

Larger space July 2012
   Oh, I almost forgot.  Remember that pot rack I picked up at a yard sale for $10.00?  The homeowner didn't even know what it was.  I had to laugh at the poor man.  My sweety and I purchased it because I wanted to put it on the back porch and place my vine plants inside, and hang them from the ceiling.  Take a look at how it turned out...

   In the larger pot we are going to plant all the vase vines I have all over the house.  The hanging pot rack will be a full vine plant holder and add just the right amount of green to our back porch.

   I can not wait to see it all finished!   I am so excited it is all coming together.  So little time, and so much to do.

 Gotta go, busy busy busy.  Have a Great Day!!!

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