Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Trip to Chattanooga Tennessee...

  I am so sorry I have not posted recently.  Currently, I am in Chattanooga Tennessee.  My sister became very ill.  She had a Spinal Tap, that went terribly wrong, and required a Blood Patch {more about those in a up and coming post}.    It took one phone call from her before I was on the road, traveling from Florida on a mission to get to her.   

  I hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken while visiting and assisting my sister.  Chattanooga is such a beautiful place.

  This is my sisters dog.  Such a wonderful protector and the joy of my sisters house.  I love this dog and was so excited, when I caught her airing out her belly.

  Oh my goodness.. how funny is she.  I wish I could have captured the sounds she was making as the airing out the belly stage was going on.  This little girl, is just to darn cute!!

That house is sitting on top of the Mountain next to my sisters complex

View from the apartment complex highest point

The bottom porch is my sisters.  Down the side of the mountain
The slope is quite impressive.
We encountered quite of few strong thunderstorms as well
The storms would roll in from the top of the mountains

During our travels to Christina's OB appointment, we followed this truck...

Full of live chickens.  We didn't eat chicken after seeing this truck. 
As the rain fell, the clouds covered the whole mountain.. it was a sight to see.
The dark areas through the clouds, is the mountain!
 The view from the OB office, is so calming and relaxing

  I hate to quick chat and run, but we are packing up my sister and bringing her back to Florida.  There is lots of boxes every where.  And packing.  And resting.  And packing

See.. Busy as a Bee is Me.

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