Friday, July 20, 2012

Cassie ~ the Sleeping Giant...

 When I first met my sisters dog, I fell in love.   She has the nicest loving dog you will ever come across...  Hmm, or is she???

 OK, so this isn't her dog but, she comes pretty close to looking just like this....

 See what I mean?  I am pretty sure Cassie is from the Lion family.  There has to be lion in there somewhere.

 I wouldn't suggest picking up her babies {her stuffed toys} either, cause she tends to huff like a Lion also

 Even when getting a good back scratch, don't let them paws come close to you... She likes to grip on to your legs with them.

Don't let this pose fool you.  Not the bath and grooming cut can stop this wild girl.  She will rip it from end to end

 Alright, so maybe the only real danger... is to her babies {stuffed toys}.  Just look at that cute little face!!

 She is the sleeping Giant.  That's my sisters Cassie!!!

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