Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making My Sister at Home ~ With Us.

The part of moving that takes the longest... is unpacking.  Maybe.  

While in Tennessee my mother and I helped my sister and niece pack their apartment.  The packing part wasn't to bad.  There was a lot of stuff in the two bedroom apartment.

Brian moving the deep freeze into the Office/Computer room.  
Now that we are back in Florida, the unpacking begins... Oh what fun.  My mother, niece and myself are making our house a home for my sister.

My brothers Mark and Freddie help with the unloading
 It was all hands on deck when we arrived.  There were 8 people unloading the Uhaul.  Hey, that's what family is for.  Lending a helping hand.

Cassie takes a breather while enjoying the attention from my sweety

 The biggest part of unloading, was putting things right in their places.  Christina's bed and stuff went right into her room as well as with my sisters belongings.  Each bedroom was fully set up as things were unloaded.  This made it easier for Marry Ann to take a weeks vacation.  She is spending time at her eldest daughters house.

 While Patricia and her hubby Brian were here, they worked on the pantry room.  And what a super job they did.  See, my sister is an extreme couponer.  She has load and loads of stuff.  Just take a look...
The Pantry
 On Monday morning, with lots of help from my mother, all of my food was added to the pile.  Plus some more boxes of food she found in the pantry.

Other side of the pantry
 Next to the boxes on the right, is the deep freezer.  We plan on stocking it full next week, and adding to the pantry shelves.  Hum, better make it a point to get more shelves.

Paul and Christina taking a breather
 I am not to worry about where everything will go, because there is plenty of room.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

My sisters big T.V. fits perfectly in the living room
 All the boxes to the left, are empty.  I just need to cut them down.  If it will ever quit raining I will put them out for the trash.

Putting things away each and every day
 It is slower than my OCD would like, but things are moving right along.  Christina and I will have it all done this week.

Cassie making her self right at home
 Cassie sure does enjoy sleeping in our room.  Anyone who knows Paul and I, knows we like it cold.  Our room is the coldest place in the house, and at bed time, Cassie can be found sleeping on our bedroom floor.

My sisters dining room table
 No matter what we placed in the house, it fit perfectly.  I am just glad my sister is home.  With family. 

 We're getting there.   


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