Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soaking up Tropical Storm Debby...

  What a very interesting week this has been.  Felt like a life time ago when I last posted, because  "ME ~ The Time Bomb" post might have published yesterday {thanks to Tropical Storm Debby} but, the Research visit was on Friday.

  I had to tweak the wording on that Blog Post some, to reflect the fact that I wrote it on Friday and Forgot to publish it right away.  It's a getting older brain cramp thing.

  This photo has nothing to do with my Blog today, I just fell in love with it.   If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the laughter of my grand daughter Jayla.  Don't you love that huge smile.  Jayla was laughing so hard because Arianna {who is hiding her face},  had passed some gas.  A small body function.. a huge reaction.

  Friday night brought us the news on Debby, a tropical storm that sat off the Gulf of Mexico.  Bringing Florida lots of flooding and rain.  Where we live is on the outter limits of Tampa, so we did not have to suffer through the ever growing Gulf and drowning road ways.  Thank goodness.  We did however, have our very own small ponds on the property.

Here are some of the photos of our place as Debby paid her visit....

Back yard facing our neighbor Lois yard...

Our soaked front yard

Our back yard

Side yard toward our neighbor Lois property

At our fence line next to Lois property
Our damaged country porch.  We worked so hard on this!
Warped wood and screen damage
  As the rain kept falling I became more and more worried if the yard was going to be able to soak up all that water.  Let me show you the pictures I took this morning...

Our very soaked back porch
Back yard facing our neighbor Lois property
Our front yard

Side yard toward our neighbor Lois property

At our fence line next to Lois property
  I didn't show the back yard, where the tire swing hangs because I have something else to show you.  The area with the tire swing is pretty much soaked in, it is still very much mushy and wet, but there isn't any standing water except for this...

Looks pretty harmless right?  Well keep on scrolling, and see for yourself.

This isn't a shot 2x4.. it was taller than me

Showing the depth of the hole...
Distance of the hole from the house.
  We think it is the drainage field, with all the rain and standing water, maybe an air pocket formed and the ground settled.  I plan on keeping a very close eye on this every Sinking Space.  If it is the drain field than the property owners will have to fix it.  If however it turns out to be a Sink Hole {not sure how I will know that}, moving is the only option.  There isn't a collection of dirt or sand around the space, so the dogs did not dig this out.  That was the first thing I looked for.

Here is a question for you... How will I know if this huge space {that could fit a coffin} is the drain field or a Sink Hole?

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