Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheesy Tuesday...

  Today was a very busy day for my mother and I.  First we went on this Blood Pressure Research Interview I scheduled, more about that when I know more.  Then we went to pay my electric bill, I have plenty words about that;  for a later Blog post.  Then it was off to register my car for the state of Florida, that surprisingly went faster than either of us thought it would.  From the Tax collectors office, we stopped by Discount Auto Parts, to pick up the brakes for my car.

The car that hasn't been driven in almost a year.

The car that a year ago, squeaked and squealed when ever I attempted to stop.

The car I missed driving so so very much.

The car that without the much needed help from my mother; would have never seen the dark paved road again.

Thank you so much MOM!!!! I Love you so very much!!!

  So when my mother and I were finished running around, and we arrived at her house, we could not wait to put the renewal sticker on my Florida tag.  

  Have I told you that I don't like the Florida Tags?  Two big Oranges with a twig between them, and a blooming flower.  Hmm.. just doesn't sit right with me.  Makes me feel like I am driving with Orange Balls on my trunk.  Not a pretty mental picture if you ask me.  

  Any Who; I don't like dirt and grime, so you know of course the Florida Tag had to be cleaned before we placed the sticker in the Decal spot.  

  Yay!! The Malibu was on its way to legal street, or is that street legal?  Never mind.   Now we just needed to fix the brakes.   Well not WE per-say, my sweety was going to work on this task.  Can you picture ME replacing the brakes on my car.. yeah, not a chance.  It is safer for me to cook dinner while he healed the Malibu.  Safer for the both of us.

  Making an 'Italian pasta dinner is so much easier than, changing brakes.  Plus later on when we drive the Malibu; we both live.  Always a plus in my mind.  I had never tried the Philly Cooking Cream,  Have you?  I  wanted to add it into the sauce as it cooked.  I had 6 sausage links {large ones}and I cooked them first.  Just at the point when they are almost done, I put a 1/2 box of macaroni in a tad bit of olive oil and water on the stove to boil.  Yes, it was all in a pot.  Silly!!

  When the sausage was done, I removed it from the skillet and placed it in a bowl to rest.  and drain. and rest.   Because of a little thing called brain cramp, I forgot to empty the sausage oil from the skillet before adding my sauce.  It was still very good and made our mouth sing with flavor.  But if you prefer, remove the sausage oil before you add the red sauce.

  Just use whatever red sauce you and your family like.  I used the meat Ragu because my mother bought it for me.  Two days ago.  And it was still sitting on the counter.  Because I didn't have room for it in the cupboard. But it was resting neatly on the counter.  Facing frontward.  At full attention. 

  After putting the Ragu sauce in the oily skillet, I mixed the Philly Cooking Cream in.  I put 4 heaping teaspoons in the sauce, but flavor yours to taste.  While the sauce and Cooking Cream was heating, I cut the Italian sausage into bite size chunks and added them to the sauce mixture.  See the chunks there?  Mmm looks so good.  You should have been here to smell it. 

Then again, I'm not sure you all would have fit into my kitchen.  Sorry.  Maybe in the next house.

Than I added the macaroni and cheese.  I love cheese.  Everything tastes better with cheese.  Life smells better with cheese in the mix, of everything. 

  I just covered the top of the macaroni in a good healthy amount of cheese.  Now mix it in all together.  Think about the cheese and the red sauce and the cooking cream and the sausage.  Mind blowing, right?

  My heart began to sing.  I heard a harp playing off somewhere in the distance and felt the slight flutter of new wings on my back. 

  Suddenly I found myself at the sink, looking at dirty dishes.  I was snapped back to reality.  It was a nice day dream.  And the dirty dishes didn't last long.

  Now turn the skillet burner off and remove it from the heat.  Cover it nicely with more cheese, if you have to ask if this enough cheese, add a little more just for measure.  Put on  the lid, and let the cheese melt.

  Under all that cheesy goodness is a heaven of sausage in a red sauce cooked with Philly cooking cream and macaroni.  Yummy!!! 

 That was our Tuesday night Dinner.  What did you cook for dinner?

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