Friday, June 8, 2012

Planning Summer time visits

  When my family moved here, from New York, in 1976 we lived on the same property as my grand parents.  Our move here started out as a visit to see my mother's parents.  My father loved it so much that, before any of us 5 children knew what was going on, my parents traveled back to New York and sold what they couldn't travel back to Florida with.  Thus made Florida our new home location.  We didn't sight see, as my father looked for work right away.  Besides with 5 children and 2 adults, every penny counted.

   It took my father about a year to find property, save up and put money down on it.  We all cleared the land together, while my father and grand father set the pump in the ground.  The Rodriguez and Barrera team working together.  It to soon after, when the house was moved onto the property and we all began to settle in.

  On April 17, 1978 my father was killed in an automobile accident.  2 years after my family moved to Florida.  My mother was left with 5 children to raise.  There wasn't any venturing out and sight seeing for a long time.

  When I was young, my cousin Yvette visited from New York and we went to Disney World as a family.  Again for my Senior Year and my brothers Senior Year in high school.  It was the best time in my life, I can remember running to get on Space Mountain, over and over again.  I didn't visit Disney World again, until my eldest daughter was 2 years old; she is 29 now, and I haven't been back since.  

  Another place I visited often during 2006 - 2007, was Bush Gardens.  I purchased year round tickets for my eldest daughter, my grandson, and myself.  It came in handy during the summer months, and while my son in law worked; we were able to take my grandson as often as we wanted. The nice thing about the year round tickets, was being able to bring a guest with you.  So, when my son in law was able, he joined us. As well as my son and youngest daughter.

  I haven't been back to Busch Gardens since 2007.  Sad, but true.   Another place I really enjoyed going to was the Aquarium.  I had gotten season tickets for this as well, and during the 2006 - 2007 time frame, we would visit quite often.  My grandson and grand daughter loved to watch the feeding of the sharks, and touch the Sting Rays.  I enjoyed just watching thank you.

  It was so relaxing watching the fish and seeing all the different colors.  Plus during the summer months, this area was quite cool.

  Now that I am back in Florida, the thought of just sitting here; is driving me nuts!  So I am going to plan out a point of attack.  Throughout the summer, I am going to make a point of visiting something new.  Here are just a few places I had in mind...

The Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg
The Arabian Night Dinner Show in Orlando

Kennedy Space Center Tour
Tampa Museum of Art
  And any other place of history and interest I can find.  I just want a summer of things to do, places to see, and people to meet.

Have any suggestions for places I might enjoy seeing?


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