Friday, June 8, 2012

Be gone; Dark Dim Restroom...

  When we moved in our place, the light in the main restroom didn't do the space justice.  I found the shower area to be very dark when the shower curtain and linen were put up.  I hated the window in the restroom, because it looked unfinished and there was no way to even open the window itself.  

You know how it is, you never really know the full story of anything, until you are slap dab in the middle of it. 

Hallway Restroom ~ Feb 2012

 As we later learned from the owners, somewhere along the list of many tenants; the hall restroom was enlarged to meet with the master bedroom restroom. 

 Sounded like it was just one large long restroom.  

Why?  Only the good Lord knows. 

 Any who, when those tenants left the property the owners had to reconstruct the hall restroom.  A very narrow tub/shower combo was installed and, the wall next to this space {the window area} suffered badly. 

 Needless to say from the looks of the window, they had no idea what they were doing. 

   The wall where the sink and commode sit, had to be reconstructed as well.  In the 'restroom construction' phase, the over head light was left out and a small drop ceiling section area was put up.  Within this drop ceiling area, a small light/vent fan was installed.   The light shone down on the sink/commode area, but left out the shower area in a big way. 

Before we moved in ~ Feb 2012

 You can see the small flush light in the picture, to the left.  Once the shower was dressed with linen, it remained dark and unfriendly.  I hated it.  

Now, I know the whole 'you know your body so why do you need a lot of light?' line of thinking. 

 Doesn't matter, I like bright well lit areas. 

  Thank goodness for Home Depot and their selections.  My sweety and I quickly picked out a new light fixture that would allow us to add the much needed light to the area in question, without removing the old light/fan combo. 

   The light was purchased a while back, but with the odd hours my sweety was working plus my lack of electrical knowledge; the light was not installed until yesterday.  I could not wait to see the project finished.

 So the work began...

 The new light is taken out of the box, my excitement level sky rockets, and parts are place openly to keep order during the process. 

Shine on baby
Leaving the old fixture in place worked for three reasons.  1} Because it will shine light down onto the sink area and the person using the area.  2} We wouldn't loose the vent fan, as both the old light and fan are combined.  3} We wouldn't have to cover up that deep square gaping hole. 

The mess of adding a fixture, and the tools for providing light to the restroom... UGH the clean up..

 The light has to be perfect.  Mostly because I would notice even a slight bit of imperfection in the distance between one wall versus the other.  And who wants an off centered light?  It had to be perfectly centered.

   After everything was perfect.  The light was wired and the face of the fixture was taped to the inners. This kept the two sections in place while my sweety screwed them together.  Once that was done he put the old fixture back together.  Two light fixtures, and with all those bulbs; my restroom was going to be as bright as a landing strip. 

 I paced back and forth, from the restroom to the living room, waiting. 

 And taking pictures. 

 And waiting.

Woo Hoo.  4 little steps closer to Operation Light Project.  I could not wait to see it turned on...

 When my sweety was finished with both fixtures, he wiped off each light bulb on the new one to remove any dust on the bulbs, and for the show effect; I am sure.

June 2012

 Let there be light!!!!  The projection of light, is priceless.  The fixture was more than within our budget {for a rental}, easy to install {for my sweety that is}, and did just what I intended for it to do.  Provide much needed light to the space. 

 One more project down and completed. 

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