Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Through Pictures...

 Almost a year ago, my eldest daughter went wedding dress shopping with her best friend.  Tabitha was going to be in the wedding of her best friend Kim. When they met up before the shopping date she told the bride to be 'The best way to see how the dress will look on you, is through pictures.'   My daughter is just beautiful, isn't she?

My daughter Tabitha and Son in Law Cody

 That stuck with me.  Their wedding dress shopping date was a huge success and through pictures, Kim picked out her dream wedding dress.  Look at the glow on that bride.

Bride Kim and her eldest daughter
 Even my youngest daughter views herself via photographs.  What a better way to see if your make up is perfect,  pictures tell the whole truth.  Isn't she stunning?

My daughter Ashley

It would only stand to reason, I would do the same thing before we moved into our place.  What a better way to really  'see' what needs to get done repair wise, and where to place the furniture.  The camera is incapable to tell a lie.

Open living room space.
I will never understand why some one found the need to have three different floors in one open space.  When I first looked at the space, I wondered if I could make it work, and I hated the three floors.  Seems to me, the same floor for the whole space would have worked so much better.  So, I worked with what I had.

We weren't going to change all the flooring although we sure thought about it, so we used our furniture and rugs to define the space.  My sweety loved the recliner facing the television, and the AC unit.  I knew having the recliner and the end table placed just short of the door way, would define the living room from the entrance way.  Plus, it would allow my sweety to view the front gate from his chair. 

Open Kitchen space
The kitchen needed a good cleaning and disinfecting.  A real good one, it was something I was more than up for.  A little TLC, and the kitchen area would be like, coming home.  A few rugs warmed up the space and the combination of our personal items made it, home.  A place to gather and cook a great feast together.  Well, we are still working on the great feast part.

Plants make a place come alive. It's a good thing to because, my sweety has a very green thumb.  He could plant a dead twig, and it would sprout to life.

To this day, after three months of living here, I still can not get over the flooring.  What were the old tenants thinking?

Curtains in the dining room window, linen napkins used at the kitchen window, and a throw rug in front of the bar.  Simple small additions, make a large impact.  The trash can in plain view, kills me.  But the only other place to put it is, next to the refrigerator, where my sheer curtains hang.  Not a chance.  The fan is a nice touch, don't you think?  With only window units, that fan comes in handy between Noon and 5pm.  The Bombay Bible stand, belonged to my mother {she gave it to me last week.  Thanks Mom!!} and resting on top of the Bible stand, is my grand mothers rosary.

Looking at the photos I have taken {and posted here}, I think the best part about my living space... is how open and inviting it is.  I love cooking in the kitchen, and being able to talk to my sweety.  The flow is awesome. 

 From the minute you enter the front door, it is very welcoming.  I may complain about the yard work.  I may even hate it to the very core.  But I happen to like my in door living space.  The pictures helped me 100% in planning where to put items, and showed me how it looked when I was finished.

What do you think of what I've done with the place? 

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