Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recycled Treasures...

  I must admit, this move is taking me longer than it normally would.  In fact, this is the longest it has ever taken me to get all my belongings moved into our place.  Today I am going to move some of the items I still have at my mothers place.  In between the rain drops.  This morning.  Right now. 

  We didn't move everything over because the AC was not working. I was noticing a few items in the house were being effected by the heat and humility.  Picture frames were warping.  Some of my clothes felt damp.  The dust and dirt from the horses next door, because they roam on a quarter of an acre in pure sand, was all over everything in the house.   I was bleaching, dusting, and cleaning hourly it seemed.  I didn't want to bring over all my belonging until we had the AC problem under control.  The landlords idea of 'under control', is installing window units.  Beats the 88 and 96 degrees I was facing in the house, that's for sure. 

  Lately my Aunt Linda has been bringing her purchased treasures over to my house.  She is currently preparing to move, and is down sizing her stuff.   She has given me curtains; tons of them!, VHS movies; Did you know Walmart will turn VHS movies into DVD movies? {NOT a plug for Walmart}, two Buddha's, a sewing machine that I have no idea to operate [can't wait to try it}, 3 wonderful lamps that I love love love, canisters {2 sets}, touch me not towels {what I told my sweety}, and there is more to come. 

 Here, I want to show you my latest treasures.. and later, point out a 'look a like' to you...

Lamp my Aunt Linda passed on to me
   I have two of the three lamps, on either side of my bed, and the last one on my vanity.   I just love them, and they put off just the right amount of dimmed light.

The lamps look real good in my bedroom

The 'Touch me not' towels
  Men don't really get the whole 'do not use these towels' or 'they are just for decoration', well at least not my sweety.  When I told him thee towels were not for use, I was given that look of misunderstanding.  The look of "Why not?'  So, I added the towels to my water stand.  That is until I find the towel rack I am looking for, and then I will hang them correctly.  Until then, this was the perfect spot.

Beaded sheer curtains
  The flash went off on my camera, sorry I forgot to turn it off, but the curtains are a violet and not a red.  The overlay area of them, have beads hanging from it.  They are very very pretty, and block out just the right amount of light.  My sweety of course, wanted to cut of the bottom of them because "they are hanging kind of low don't you think?  We can just cut the bottoms off."  I laughed and said pretty quickly "No, I want them like that."

 This picture shows the true color of them.  I love the touch of color in my white kitchen/dining room area.

Linen Napkins as a valance

  Because I have a glass top dining room table, and it is just my sweety and I {it never gets used, well hardly ever}, I took the linen napkins my aunt gave me, and turned them into a valance for my kitchen window.  The napkins are taupe, so it blocks out just enough of the light that peeks through the blinds while,not blocking my view.

The Bakers
 There are three new Bakers in my kitchen.  Two female and this one male.  Feel sorry for him, but I can use all the help I can get.

 I love my barely new canisters.. they are just my style and look stunning in the kitchen.  I love love treasures!

One canister set

The other set. ~ ugh more dust!
 In the amber set, I have Reese's pieces in one canister and plain M&M's in the other.  You know, for that chocolate craz moment.  We all have them.  I am shocked they have lasted as long as they have. 

E.T. candy
For the love of Singer
  Say hello to the sewing machine I have no idea how to operate.  Oh my word, this is going to be fun!! To top it all off, my aunt gave me fabric.  Yes, a blank canvas.

VHS galore...
  OK, so I just learned, via commercial, that what I thought Walmart can do with the VHS tapes, is wrong.  So, what we do not keep, we are going to donate to our local library.  Looking forward to having the dining room table cleared off.  The clutter is making me crossed eyed.

Frilly curtains
 I put these curtains in the Beach bedroom.  I thought the tassel bottom and scalloped top was a much needed touch to the theme.  I still have to paint the room, but I could not wait to see what the curtains would look like hanging.

 Aren't they great looking?  Reminds me of the beach.. right at the point when the water is rushing back to the ocean, and the sand is rippled from the water flow.

 Oh yeah, I've saved the best for last.  My Buddha.  I did this because, the second I laid eyes on the Buddha, I thought it looked like my sweety.. Take a look.

My Sweety ~ sorry it is blurry

My Happy Buddha

 See what I mean??

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