Friday, October 12, 2012

The Other Woman...

 New York: The Botanical Gardens  Such a pretty glass building, huh?
  I wasn't counting on the competition.  The thought had entered my mind months ago, but it quickly faded.  Besides, women can dwell within the same household, share the same space, and never once compete with one another.  Right?

  That's what I hoped for.  That's what I wished.  That's until I seen how she reacts around him.  Until I seen the effects my Sweetie has on her.  


  It was a hot October day, happens often in Florida, the sun beating down on her back.  Her long reddish blond hair sticking to her sweaty body.  It was all she could do to climb the stairs.  Lagging with each step as my Sweetie encouraged her every move.  Once he was able to get her in side, she spread out; letting the cool floor soak through her skin.  Ensuring her cheeks, arms and legs were feeling the running boxing fan on her skin.  She was particularly enjoying the personal fan over top of her.  My Sweetie.  Moving cool air, back and forth, over top of her body.

She was enjoying the moment.  Thinking "Grapes. I need grapes right about now"....

After all she thought; "He did remove his shirt for me".  She knew, deep down; he was hers. 

Not one inch of her moved as he tended to her every hot need.  She thought "This moment would be perfect with a glass of red wine".

  It happened all to soon, before she knew it; the moment was fading.  As she gave away to sleep she looked at him as if to say "There will be more hot days.  You will be mine once again".

And Cassie was out for the count.

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