Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ladies Day Out..

Wednesday was pretty much become Ladies Day Out.  Oh how I have grown to love Wednesdays. 

  Hey, how cool is 10*11*12?  Last time we will see that this year.  All three numbers together in a row.. consecutive.  Pretty cool, huh?

  OK, back to Wednesdays.  About 3 weeks ago, my mother, my sister, and I went to the movies.  It was freeing and exhilarating, seeing a movie in the middle of the morning.  The movie, Expendables 2, was a real treat.  Man have those actors changed, right?  You can see the trailer for Expendables 2 here....

  It was an awesome day.  However, I was feeling my anxiety rising when we walked to the concession stand.  I found myself watching people, seeing if I could tell who was packing a gun.  Hey!! That Batman Shooting scared my anxiety for life; alright.  Cut me a little slack.

You just never know these days!

  The week after we saw The Expendables 2; another movie was planned.  Lynda {my mothers friend}, my mother, my sister, and myself went to see Lawless.  If you haven't seen it yet, you are really missing out.  I love true stories, history, and cowboys.  Had to through that in.  But these brothers were more than a little bada$$. 

Sometimes a little bad, ain't so bad.  You can see the trailer here....

  Wow!  I could watch that move 3 times over again, and still watch it a few more times.  Family bond isn't a bond to mess with.  And these brothers; make sure everyone knows it.

  Wednesday, yesterday, was no different than the others.  Well sort of, we didn't see a movie.  This time we all laid back, and were pampered.  We arrived at Brandon Salon & Spa, with one thing on our minds.  To be swept away in relaxation.

  Marry Ann and Lynda made themselves right at home in the big fluffy massage chairs.  These chairs not only gave their backs a massage, but their bottoms as well.  My mother joked with Lynda about her 'red' face; a number of times.  In fact, even the works were joking with Lynda about her red face.  Bah hahaha it was to funny.

  The young lady who worked on my mother, was just the best!  She was really a work of art.  So nice, and good at what she does.  Very good.  Her name is Kim.  You should have a Manni and Pedi done by her.  You'll see.  Pure relaxation.

  Lan worked on my feet and legs.  I think that flip flop tan is now tattooed into my skin.  Gotta love Florida and Flip Flops.  Not only did Lan take her time with me, but she gave me a complete lower leg massage, and arm massage.  I could have slept for a 100 years right there in that chair.  Between the chair massaging me, and Lan's magic fingers, I spent a few hours in heaven.

  All four of us Ladies received the full treatment.  Hot towels were placed on our legs to relax the muscles.  A scrub was put not only on my legs but, on my lower arms as well.  The smell was to die for.  Our eyebrows were molded and tailored to our faces.  The peach fuzz, if you are Spanish you know there is no peach and it isn't fuzz, was removed and the area cooled.  All of our finger nails were cut at the proper length and colored with a polish choice of our choosing.  Our feet were given the up most care.  By the time I walked out of the Salon, I felt like I was walking on a cloud. 

  Oh, if you've never had a full pedi and manni, get one.  I am pretty sure this will be a monthly girly thing for me.  Well, I would like for it to be any way.  The cost can be steep, but I slept like a rock last night.

  I don't know what the next Wednesday Ladies Day Out is going to bring, but I can not wait for the adventure.

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