Sunday, October 7, 2012

AWE Sunday...

I love Sundays.  Saturdays as well.  Any day is a good day to me; OK, maybe not Mondays.  Either way, today is more exciting because I get to share new AWE Photos with you.  So here is Awe Sunday.....

How cute are my Niece and Nephew in this park shot?

It was Homecoming Week for my Niece Anna {my brother Fred's daughter} How Fab does she look?!  Anna was one of the Homecoming Courts.  Yay!!

Calling the real Waldo.  Will you please stand up?  My daughter Ashley poses as Waldo.  She is so funny!

But I think my grandson Eli could be Waldo's twin.  How funny is Eli?  I could just eat him up!

Oh my word.  Couldn't my grand daughter Jaycee be a hat model?  Look at those chubby cheeks!! Love this baby to death!

Here's Anna again.  It is Homecoming Night.  She looks stunningly beautiful.  Doesn't she?

Look at my little Loves.  Arianna and Jayla.  These two sisters are so funny and love to have loads of fun while growing through life.  LOL  The things little girls do. 

Could my daughters be any more beautiful?

And my son who keeps the mystery behind very dark goggles.  Such a sexy look.  Love love this man.

And my niece Anna... Made Homecoming Queen that night!  The whole school was chanting her name.  Anna.. Anna.. Annaaaaa. 

There is Jaycee, our hat model.  How cute she is, right?  Could just hold her and squeeze her all day.

I hope you enjoyed the photos that have me yelling AWE all day long.  I've ejoyed sharing them with you.   Have an AWE-Sunday!!

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