Friday, October 19, 2012

Ladies Day Out.. Oh My!!

Wednesday was another marvelous Ladies Day out.  On this adventure, we head into the Supernatural.

Dare not to be scared. 

Employing the screaming gene to remain hidden. 

Invoke the griping god to give us strength and courage.

The movie started at 11:10am, see it is easier to watch scary movies in the day light.  Smart right?  Any way, we make plans to meet and hit a few of the shops before braving it to the ticket booth.  My sister, Marry Ann, birthday was coming up {October 16} and my mother wanted to get her a birthday outfit.  Perfect way to build up courage.  Dance around the enemy.  Peek over at it from time to time.  Give it the evil eye.  And then attack.

The shop we went into was the greatest.  TJ Maxx.  Love love that place.  My mother and Marry Ann hit the clothing isles first.  Lynda hadn't arrived yet, so I lingered with the purses.  I think I could have a closet full of purses.  One for each day.  Each outfit.  Each pair of shoes.  Yep, nothing like a
functional styling purse. 

Here are just a few of the ones I could have walked out with...

I could see this one, on Sunday Monday Tuesday and every other day of the week, in my left hand.  Hanging softly over my left shoulder.  Sitting carefully in the passenger seat. 

And this Red and Black one on date nights.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With a glass of Red wine, crackers/cheese.  This one could very well be my best friend.  Hello Lover.

Oh for the love of Trump.  This purse, speaks to my very soul.  I would have used this one, every day of my life.. and every second in between.  There wouldn't have been a single moment, that this one would have left my side.  Together, we would have captured the world and recorded it. 

Once I walked away from my heavenly spot; I caught up with my mother and my sister, still in the clothing isles.  Marry Ann had picked out a shirt and a pair of pants, mom had found a new pair of sneakers for me {because she really hates my old ones}; and Lynda had joined us at the check out area.

It was almost movie time. 

Our hearts began to race, and our nerves were on edge as be began our walk to the Ticket Booth

This Roman guy, not only held the menu for the cafe; but served as a reminder.  The expression on his face alone told us;  "Turn Back Now".  But we didn't listen as we edged forward.

With our tickets in Lynda hand, we linger a few moments outside.  Savoring the last few moments of day light.  Our senses were heightened.  Our nerves lied close to the surface.  Marry Ann clenches her chest in anticipation as my mother grips tightly to her purse.  Were we really ready to battle our fears of Supernatural scary?

We find the perfect seats between not to low and not to high; right in the middle of the move screen.  Right were all the action will begin...

The popcorn eating will soon come to an end, as one last photo is snapped just as the light begin to dim.  Darker and darker the area becomes, and the movie previews began to play.  There was no turning back now.  We were glues to our seats:  Me, my mother, Marry Ann, and Lynda.  No one dared to get up.  All four scary movie chickens sat in their seats.

Sinister began to play...

Throughout the movie there were jumps.  "Oh Crap!!" Marry Ann said at one point  "Oh Shit" Lynda says at another.  "Get ready.  Here it comes." I warn my mother. 

Not a single one of us screamed.  No one covered their eyes.  We all made it through Sinister.  Later, after the movie was over we all admitted:

"I thought it would be scarier" my mother said

"I though we would have been screaming our heads off" I proclaim

 "Yeah.  I was hoping for really scary." Marry Ann admits with Lynda. 

On the drive home, we noticed how much the movie reminded us of The Ring.  The same concept. The same kind of story line. 

Startling, yes.  Scary, No.  If you are looking for Scary..

  Wait to see this movie...

the reaction of the viewers... is priceless.

Oh yeah.  Wait for this one.  I haven't seen it yet; but you know I will.  For this one, I am going to bring my sweetie along.  My protector, and eye covering assistance.  For this movie, I will scream.  Trust me; I will scream a lot and, very loudly.

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