Monday, October 15, 2012

Whiskey and Shhadow Boxes..

During the holidays, or anytime really, liquor stores stock up on gift sets.  They are quite the party gift or house warming gift or even a tea party gift.  I would rather have a Coffee party than a Tea party, but that's just me.  Any who.  My sweetie has a few of them from his 'I'm a Bachelor' days and I had the perfect use for them.

Drink?  Mm Sorry guys.  My sweety and his brother finished the wild turkey.  Maybe next time, huh?

The gift box is the perfect thing, and I am sure there are so many more uses for them.  Currently I am stuck on this one use, but give me a moment or two, and I might be able to belt out a few more uses for the gift boxes.

Who needs the inners, without the liquor?  So, gut the box right down to the shell.

I cleaned the glass front, and used polish on the wood.  Gave it a nice clean shinny look.  Yep, this will make an awesome shadow box.  Not the real hard work come in.

My shadow box is going to hold the 11 challenge coin given to me over the past 4 years, and the lapel pins given to me.  It was all planned in my head.  How it would look.  Where the coins would be placed.   Where it would hang in our house.

Again, the hard work first.  Was a super good thing My Sweetie was here to help.  I could have never come up with the items he invented.

The Challenge Coin Template

First My Sweetie had me make a template of where I wanted to place the coins, on this perfectly cut out paper he put together.  It was the height and width of the box.  No mistakes could be made on my part.  Then he want on to make the cutters, each cutter the same size of the coins.  There were three sizes in all. 

The tools and Cutters

Our porch glass top table was full of tools and equipment to make the three different cutters.  This turned out to be quite a job.

There was football action going as well.  After all, it was Sunday.  Who wouldn't have been watching the games.  This was the Falcon game, started at 1pm.  We were waiting for the really big game that came on at 4pm, the New York Giants.

Did you notice those round medal circles?  My Sweetie made them for the coins.  He's so smart!  I would have never thought of something like that, and sat at the table with a razor knife cutting out circles.  Thus leaving circles in my glass top table.  Just think of how much money my sweetie saved us, with making medal cutters.

Styrofoam backing for the shadow box.  This is what the Challenge Coins are going to rest in.

With the medal cutters, my sweetie cut circles into the Styrofoam for each coin.  It was coming along so nicely. 

Excitement is my middle name!! 

Not really.  I don't have a middle name.  But if I could pick one, it would be excitement.  For sure.

The cutters and the little portions left when the holes were made.  Save these, trust me.

Use a block of wood under the Styrofoam when you cut the holes.  it will save your glass top table, or work area.  This was just a small practice piece, to see how the cutters worked and double check the sizes.

The Challenges Coins set in the practice piece. 

It was at this stage when we found, using the scrap cut out pieces {cut them in half} and place them in the coin holes.  Some of the coins slipped deeper in the circles than others; so the half cut out pieces worked perfectly. 

Aren't you glad I told you to hold on to them.  See, trusting me, ain't quite so bad.


Doesn't the Challenge Coin Box look good?  Each coin has a meaning to me.  It holds a ton of Military Mom emotions and moments.  But, that will have to be another blog story.

Now when you get a liquor gift box...  Think of ways to use the box when the whiskey or wine is finished.

We made three shadow boxes all together.  First one for a hat, program, and challenge coin my son gave from a decommissioning.  The Second one with the items of my sons current location and deployment items.  And the third one with all the challenge coins given to e over the course of 4 years.

The Third Shadow Box is going to hang above the 173rd Patch.   That patch along holds a big place in my heart.  I'll have to tell you about that story one day.

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