Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's the B E E F ???

I hate to shop.  For myself anyways; now I could spend hours shopping for someone else or, grocery shopping.  Man, it's so odd to see that typed on my computer.. me, liking grocery shopping.  Now that is one cold day.  Better mark it in red, and remind me I said such a thing at a later date. 

In order to like shopping, you have to have the "One" place that pulls at your heart strings, and wallet.   I could name more then a few places that I like to shop at; such as Winn Dixie, Sweet Bay, Publix, Sam's Club.  One place that I hate the thought of shopping at, which I will not name in my Blog.  Then there is the heart string tugger... oh my good kitchen night, is this place wonderful.

In order for a store to tug at heart strings,  love has to play a big factor.  Boy do I LOVE their products.    The place has to stop your heart and jump start it all at once.  It's the one store, that when you walk through the front doors, you gasp.   I have found just the place right here in Tampa.  I live to shop at this place.  I gasp every time I enter the front doors, and never stop grabbing at the sales until I exit the store.  One day, last week in fact, we even went back in the store a second time and made one last purchase. 

 Check out these T-Bone steaks.  Look at how big each steak is.  How red the color.  Is your stomach growling?  The taste buds have lulled into overdrive?  Mouth watering, huh?  Let me tell you, not one of the three men in this house could finish their T-Bone.  Hugh.  Massive.  Big.  Yummy is just was it was.

  Village Meats & Market  is the place.  Their meat is awesome.  Pick out what you want, how many pounds you need, and boom.. it is cut right there.  This T-Bone order, was 3.99 a pound.  Can't find that price in any store I've been to. 

Have a peek at these beauties.   First Choice Steaks.  Oh mamma are these babies fabulous!!  The steaks were so  T H I C K   that we cut them in half and still had an outstanding size of beef.  Put these bad boys on the grill, for that Medium rare deliciousness, {George Foreman is perfect on a rainy day} after the bake potatoes are finished, and all that is left are the toppings.  Oh, the price of these steaks.. 1.79 a pound.  Yep, you read right.  Heart strings right?!?!  Any place that can fill up the men in this house, can have all the heart strings it wants.

 I posted the pictures in black and white, so the true thickness of each steak pops out.  That it did.  Makes me want to make steaks for dinner tonight.  Making you hungry for steaks?  Wait.. just one more photo for that added extra sinfulness....

 I have died and went to T-Bone Steak Heaven.  Is there even such a place?  Just look at the size of that meat!! 

Can some one pass me the Sour Cream,  please?
 If you are in the Tampa area, this store is worth checking out {and no, I am not getting paid for any plugs} just follow your nose to 5537 South 78th Street.  You wont be sorry.  Oh, and man do they have the best Spanish products on their shelves.  Goya heaven. 

 What is the hot spot of your shopping venues?  What has tugged at your heart strings and keeps you coming back?

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