Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let the Cooking Begin : Sweets, Part Six

I could not wait to dive into the Flat Apple Pie Recipe.  I am a huge Apple Pie fan, which is often seen as American History in my eyes.  Just like Hot Dogs and Baseball go hand in hand.  Beer and Football.  Sweatshirts and Hockey.  For me, Apple Pie is an American right of passage.  There should be one smelling up a kitchen often.  Added to a lunch box weekly.  And enjoyed with a hot cup coffee more often then not.

 Don't you love the color of this leaf?  The way the light filters down to it is fabulous.

 OK, back to the deliciously fabulous Flat Apple Pie.  I didn't take any before pictures, so you wont see how the Flat Apple Pie formed, but you can see plenty of before and after pictures in Ree's Cookbook, Pg 216-217.  It was so simple to make and tasted awesome.  I can not wait to make it again, and there will be more Flat Apple Pie.

 Just look at the juicy filling.  I could have a slice right now with a hot cup of coffee.  The fact that the crust did not have to be perfect, is a mind blowing idea.  Yay for ~ Non Perfect.  It was so easy to slice and the men to grab a chunk and eat it like pizza.  Oh, there was more than a slice for some than others, making two pies next time will be in order.

The flaky crust was out of this world.  You could peal back the layers and have the inner as a surprise.  Although I savored every bite.  With three men, you have to slice it just as it warms and hide your piece first; otherwise you might not see the massive blur that leaves you with just, an empty baking stone.

Oh, I used a Baking Stone from Pamper Chef instead of a cookie sheet.  The Baking Stone is a wonderful kitchen must.  I have turned to my baking stones more often then not.  The wonderful flavor trapped in the stone that is released when used over and over again, is the best fragrance a house could ever ask for.  Remember; NEVER use soap on your baking stone.  Never.  You simply scrape off anything that might bake onto the stone, and use plain water to wash it off.  Don't get gray hair over the color your stone will turn.  It only reflects the great cooking and baking you have done.  Just sit back and enjoy your cup of hot coffee and Flat Apple Pie.

Not everything I bake is Home Made.  From scratch that is.  Some days I am so busy making a home made meal, that the yummy dessert takes a back seat to, made from scratch. Such a sad sad fact.  This is such the case of my Blueberry Muffins...

I did folded in real Blueberries, and added the crumble topping, so that part is me, but the mixes belong to another.  It didn't make a difference, the men and women in the house loved every bite of the muffins. 

The pan I used made 12 muffins, as you can plainly see for yourself.  Given the chance to make bigger muffins with a small pan would have been my first choice; but I couldn't find my mothers smaller muffin pan.  It goes without saying, that I would have loved to use a Pampered Chef Baking Stone Muffin Mold most of all. 

Baking, what a great stress reliever.  Go ahead,and pull out those baking pans, I can here them calling you now, whip up something sweet for your sanity today... and watch the faces of your family.

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