Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let the Cooking Begin: Part Five...

 Autumn ~ Doesn't that word just sing to you?

The leaf picture has nothing to do with the blog, but I can not get over the wonderful weather Florida is having so far.  I would love for the mornings to always be 58 degrees.  Love it!!

Another thing that I love, is the Meatloaf from Ree's cook book.  Not only was it easy to make and cook, always a plus when learning new things or just learning period, but it was a huge hit with the family.  Anyone with 3 men to feed, knows that if they like it.. it has to be good.  Both my mother and myself worked on the meatloaf together.  We both checked on it often, and could not be more pleased when it was finished. 

Moist, topped with bacon, and just the right amount of sauce.  If you haven't picked up Ree's cookbook,  let me just tell you, you're missing out.  Oh yeah.. This was a simple Sunday meal, and I can not say it enough...  very very good.   I served with potato salad and fresh hot bread.   We will be having this meatloaf again.. real soon. 

Don't you Love an Autumn sky?

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