Saturday, July 9, 2011


With only weeks before my sweety and I head out to Florida, we spent my first day off at the zoo with my four grand children and my eldest daughter Tabitha.  Boy was it hot hot hot.  The temperature rose up to 102, and there was no relief in sight.   Despite the heat,  it was a great day.  I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

Paul and Garrett watch the fish and orange dragonflies ..

The white Catfish drew in quite an audience 

 They were favorable amongst many .. Jayla and Arianna watched the turtles as well

The high temperature had many animals seeking for cooler areas; even in the shade there was little comfort.  That was the same for us as well.  The indoor exhibits were in our sights, and so easier to linger in when we got there.  Nothing like AC blowing hard and strong.   The children were more relaxed and comfortable, and we all know what that means,  happy children mean happier adults.  I pushed Arianna in her stroller, Tabitha pushed Eli in his stroller,  Jayla hitched a ride on Paul's shoulders, and Garrett huffed it out walking like a real trooper. 

In between traveling from one animal area to the next; we tried our best to travel within the shaded areas of the trees.  It did help keep the hot sun from peering down on the children {and the adults}, poor babies were sweating; little drops streaming down their faces.  Only when we came upon an area when the animals were clearly seen, did we stop and visit.  The best place was ... well, let me show you..

I just love this picture ~ don't you ..
Just look at that face.. the cutest thing ever.

When we all found the aquarium, we did our best to see and point out every last fish to the children.  Making it the coolest place in town; not only cause of all the different color fish, but cause the AC felt best in the aquarium.

Yes, a dark cool area where the children enjoyed watching the fish, the adults plopped a squat, and we all soaked up the cooler moment.

Jayla and Arianna had a blast on this slide; it went right through the center of the Otter exhibit.  Paul took the photo, and it came out awesome.  I love how the girls reflection dance off the top of the slide and the water magnifies the effect.

This started out as a good idea.  Get all the grand children on the horse,  they would all smile, and *poof* another wonderful photo of all my grand babies.. sounds easy enough, right?  About the time Garrett and Jayla looked at the camera, Arianna looked away, and when Tabitha said hands down.. Eli put his hands up. Cute, huh?  Yep, we, are an American Family.

Before we left the Zoo, I suggested we all stop for ice cream.

 Nothing says it better then the smiles on these faces.  I would say the ice cream suggestion, was a great idea.  Perfect end to a wonderfully hot day at the Zoo.  I wouldn't  change one single thing on my day off, it turned out to be the best Zoology day ever.

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