Saturday, July 9, 2011

Incentive vs Temptation ..

Incentive for a child, can be the advantage for the adult.  Temptation is its down fall. 

On Wednesday Paul and I, along with Ashley, took the girls to McDonald's for lunch and some down time.  While we were ordering lunch at the counter, the two girls were already itching to enter the play area.  Of course, it was stated that play time can begin after lunch is finished.  

Just how long do you think that lasted?

As soon as we sat down at the round table, opened the happy meals and set everything out for the girls, they began to dig in.  Having the in door play area within reach, but unable to enjoy it helped tremendously.   Jayla was quicker then Arianna with her digging in, but she also made it clear that she wouldn't go and play without Arianna.  Sweet isn't it?

With every hand full of fries and bite of cheeseburger, Jayla reminded Arianna to eat up.. "Come on Arianna, eat so we can go play"..  But some how I had the feeling that Arianna was going to play, food finished or not.  She just had that look about her.  She ate her fires and took bites of her cheeseburger, but just the look on her face, told you she was playing along until her sister was finished.

 See what I mean.  This baby had it in her head, food or not, there will be playing on that gym today.  It wasn't long after Jayla was finished, that Arianna was sliding out of the right side of her chair.. onto her sisters chair, and off into the wild blue yonder.

 The look of a mother who already knew what her baby girl was planning..

 Who could have taken the happiness away from the girls.. not I.  In fact, none of us did, instead my sweety and I grabbed our camera and snapped away.  They were just having way to much fun to stop them.

See what I'm talking about.  Could you stop that smile, the out burst of laughter and giggling?   
Yeah.   No.. I think not.

 Jayla was fast.  Down the slide and back to climbing up again, and Arianna worked hard to keep up with her.  Still, Jayla never went down the slide with out her sister.  I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

 Oh sure, they have their days.  But it is moments like this.. when all those days are forgotten.  When you can see in their faces the love and bond these two hold.  The way Arianna is looking at Jayla, such adoring eyes and so much love.  Lunch Sumch.. Go ahead and play.  Live it up.  Enjoy each other.  There is plenty of time to eat later.

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