Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking at you; Looking at me...

    As I got up this morning {dreading a day of repacking} I fixed my coffee, grabbed my camera and headed right for the balcony.  I need something good today.  Anything good would do.  The coffee is just what I needed, a warm welcomed jump start to my already, well anticipated, long day.  As I sipped on my Maxwell House  Breakfast Blend coffee {not a plug} and listened to the birds {that I could not find} chatter away ... 

... My mind began to wander to the sunrise of a few days ago...

 This was my view {7/6} Wednesday morning, this made me think of log fires, roasting marshmallows, ghost stories and having a good time.  I couldn't soak up enough of it.  The clouds were like a blanket, if only it could keep the heat out.  

 Yep.  Think maybe I will rustle up some cattle.  Ride a horse bareback.   Get a pig or two.

 This one was on {7/7} Thursday morning.  Two days in a row I was greeted with a view like this.  Now, if only I had a log cabin, land as far as the eye can see, horses, cattle, and a crew to work it all.. Yep,  have to say; that would be the life right there. 

 Even with out all that, I could have looked at this view for days on end.  Except it would turn dark, and then there would be a sunset,  not a sunrise.  It's neither here nor there, just a small minor detail ... and this was a darn good morning.

Suddenly I was brought back to the present when the birds ...

Now there wasn't a wonderful sunrise to photograph with birds flying into a glowing sun.  Nor were there bellowing white clouds in the back ground.  

What there was however; oh.. let me just show you...

 How wonderful cute is this !!  The gibber they were letting out, was loud and sounded like a whimsical song.  Each one chatting over the other.  

I could not resist taking a picture of this one preening itself. ..

 Before I knew it.. I was center stage.. ME.  This bird flew closer to me, watching me, watch it.  For quite a while we studied each other, turning our heads at the others movements.  Just like a mirror image.  Thought the bird was going to yell "Draw" or something. 

 But instead, it was happy to just watch me for a while.  Maybe it got the memo that I was not an interesting subject.  Or that i couldn't cook. 

 Either way...the bird got tired of me long before I became tired of it.   Just could not take my eyes off of these birds and listening to their chatter.   Before too long, everything became quiet; and the bird hid within the leaves of the tree.   

 Shhh ... There.  Right in the middle.  See it?

 Oh, Psst, co'mere... before I forget.  Did I tell you about the Dove Nesting in the tree at my front door?  Well, I was able to get a picture of her this morning, sitting on the nest !!!  Isn't that exciting? 

Shhh ...  Look...

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