Friday, April 13, 2012

A Hawk, A Baby, A house, and Dogs...

View of the clouds while flying over Virgina

 So much has happened since the new year.  Working on 'The Property' has ceased.   Man was that lot of work, and still so much work to do.  The phrase 'making a dent' would not even come close to the work we attempted on The Property.  Wonder if a bobcat, the claw, or 100 construction workers would even improve the work we did do.  Properly not.  

 The 'Mother' and 'Baby' Red Shoulder Hawks I have been following.. Well turns out they are Him and Her.  He and She.  Husband and Wife. Ooppsss! Who have now added two little ones to their nest.  Ugliest Cute little things I have ever seen, through binoculars, in my life.  But I am so glad the mom I though was single parenting, was actuality flying around in love with her mate.  

 Speaking of adding little ones to the nest; I am now a happy Nana of 5 grand children.  My son and daughter in law welcomed their bundle of joy into the world in February.  After 40 hours of labor {many blessings to my DIL}, well past the Superbowl, and any after parties; Jaycee Rose made her red carpet appearance.

Jaycee Rose

 My sweety and I are currently in a 4 bedroom 2 bath place.  It took a lot of hard labor, many thanks to my mother for all her help. Lots of sore bones and muscles, sweat and blood was put into making my house a home.  

 The previous occupancies had a horse {who ate all the grass}, squirrels and snakes on the back porch {they are more then gone now}, a rabbit or two running around in the house {hello people!! if it poops, it pees.  Get a cage!!} we laid new carpet throughout, they painted one bedroom green {and not a mint} and added lines of glow in the dark paint of some kind making the walls glow in streaks {Hello!! anyone in there *knocking on their heads*}.  

 There are still plenty of little odd and ends jobs to do, but we are in our own place.  Living as a couple.  In sin.  Cooking dinners.  Watching NCIS and Cold Case.  Drinking Coffee, Tea, Beer, and Wine. in sin.  It's quite wonderful!  Did I mention, we love it?  OH, and the grass is starting to surface, lots of watering

Home is where you are together with your love.. Our Home.

 Our four legged little ones are having a blast on the acre of property.  Thorn believes he is the master, well of it all.   Little does he realize I am still taller than him, he may have bigger teeth, but I my bite is much much stronger.  Oh, that brings me to the driving test Tesla took; having Thorn as a back seat driver, was a little more then Tesla could take.

"Parking this thing is tougher then it looks"

"Keep it in between the line Tesla, and watch the truck next to us"

"Can we leave him next time?  Better yet, can I just bite him?"
  And you thought teaching your children to drive was rough, try teaching these guys.  To make matters more interesting,  it seems my sweety and I were adopted by this little girl...

 She came running toward us, from our back yard.  We could not find a place where she dug into the yard and with the six foot fence; I hope someone didn't just toss here over.  Oh, the thought.  She has adapted well, the boys don't know how to act around her.  She is so comfortable here, that she is fast asleep and snoring {loudly} as I type.

 and just look at this cute face!!!... I haven't picked out a name for her, I have posted pictures however; in case someone is looking for her.  But, if no one is.. what should I name her???

 April.  The saying is, April showers being May flowers.  We have yet to see any showers, never less get them.  Still, my flowers are blooming just wonderfully.  Gotta love sprinklers.  I can't wait to get them all planted in the ground, and have a full yard of green vibrant grass, and colorful blooms.   

Hey, Happy Friday the 13th!!!

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