Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gardening.. Blooms.. and a Bad Dog..

 It is a wonderful Thursday morning.  The sky is filled with white puffy clouds.  The squirrels are chasing each other around the tree.  The sound of a wood pecker is coming from the top of the electric pole.  In the distance, the baby Hawks are screaming, awaiting their morning feeding  The sun breaks through the clouds and shines through the leaves of the Oak tree, Blue Jays ruffle their feathers.  The neighbors rooster crows, as children flood their front yards heading to the corner bus stop.  Spring is in the air.  The wind blows through the trees, rocking back and forth slowly; as a mother would rock her child to sleep.  Today is going to be a productive yard day. 

 On my front porch I am greeted with life and a splash of color. To the Left and Right of me, Blue Blooms embrace my front steps. 

Left side of my front steps

Right side of my front steps

 The colors Spring Time brings, take my breath away daily.  I could work in the yard listening to the sound of
 the birds and wild life; all day long.. all week long.  Forever.

 Just so long as I have a roof over my head.  And electricity.  And a blow dryer.  Add a big bathroom.  You get the idea.

 The Pineapple Plant is doing wonderfully.  It has gotten so big.  My sweety planted the top of a pineapple we purchased, when I first moved to Florida.  July will be one year.   The watermelon however, we found growing in our yard.  Out of the middle of no where my sweety says;  "Hey baby look.  There is a little watermelon growing right here."

Our Pineapple Plant.
 My Hibiscus was showing off this morning.  I noticed yesterday that there were a lot of buds on her, but I did not think she would put her chest out and strut her stuff this morning.

Miss Hibiscus Morning Bloom
 The plant my sister gave me while she lived in Daytona Beach, is making a come back.  I am looking forward to her leaves bringing me a dark green color and really coming to her full potential.

A gift from my sister Marry Ann

 The plants on my front porch table, are thriving on the morning air and sunshine as it peeks around the clouds.  Plus, the watermelon has put its best foot forward.

Spider Grass, Mum plant, Christmas Cactus, and other plants

 The trees at my fence line are also starting to bloom.  The bright red bloom is a wonderful contrast against the deep green leaves.

Bottle Brush

 I am pretty sure the trees are enjoying the water they have been getting.  It has been so dry here, no rain as of yet in this part of Hillsborough County, that everything looked dull and lifeless.  So, every morning as my sweety leaves for work; I turn on the sprinkler and spread the water love across the front yard.  As I have said in a previous Blog, when we moved into the new place ~ there was more sand than grass.  But, the daily watering as been paying off.  I see grass sprouts within the sandy areas, and now my trees are blooming.  Yay!!!

 As I made my way to the back yard.  I looked over the heaviest sandy area.  New grass sprouts are peeking through, so I moved the sprinkler from the front yard, to the sandy area side .  This was going to take a while.  No matter how much I seem to water this area, the water didn't seem to penetrate deep enough; guess I was wrong.  The sprouts are proof of that.  Still, I let the sprinkler soak this area as I went to my mothers house and peek in on the Baby Hawks.  I can not wait to show you all the baby Hawks!! 

When I returned from my mothers place, I walk onto the  carport to see how the plants there are coming along.  I have lined the carport with Bougainvilleas.  Our intention is to secure fence to the post along the carport, this way the Bougainvilleas can spread and cover the carport area in pink and purple.   

One of my Purple Bougainvilleas
 I have chosen 3 pink bougainvilleas and 3 purple bougainvilleas, We interchanged the colors as we lined the carport.

One of my Pink Bougainvilleas

When I turned around from my Bougainvilleas to see the progress of my potted Tulip Bulbs, my mouth dropped and I lost my breath.  It seems Thorn, thought he would do some gardening of his own.

What is left of one potted Tulip Bulb.
I though my heart would break.  Anyone who has attempted Tulips, know that they can be very temperamental plants when first starting out. 

This now broken Tulip Bulb, had not even broken trough the soil.  You can see the roots at the bottom of the bulb and at the top of the bulb, there were leaves starting to sprout.  UGH.. Bad Dog!  BAD BAD DOG!!!

I think he got the point.  His gardening days are over.  I hope got got the point.  I would be heartbroken if he gardened anymore of my plants. Behind Thorn in the picture above, you can see the Tulips that have broke through the soil.  Bad Dog!!

 This is his pity me move.  First is the sad I Done Wrong Song look and than the It's My Pity Party move.  It worked.  Lecture was over, and I made my point.  I hope.

Hers is a better look at the growing Tulips.  I can not wait to see the bloom and see the color of them.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, that  1. Thorn will have pity one me and leave the rest of them alone and  2. the Tulips will bloom this year.  Who knows, I could get both my wishes.  The Wandering Jew Plant is full of deep purple color and looks like it might bloom its flowers very soon.  These are the easiest plants to care for.  I just love them.  Mine has grown so much, I need to purchase a bigger pot, and replant it.

Wandering Jew
Another wonderful surprise, is my Avocado Trees.  They are coming along so good!!!  I might as well just plan on picking up three larger, Very Large, pots.  The Trees have really grown tall, and new growth can be seen on the top of the tallest one.

Larger Avocado Tree
I couldn't have asked for a better morning.  To top it off, while I am sitting here writing this Blog, it is sprinkling outside.  Looks like we just might get a small amount of rain after all.  A very small amount, but it's still rain.  Share your love for gardening.  What kinds of plants have you in awe every morning?

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