Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas; what do YOU want?

With everyone out shopping for Christmas, have you thought anything about what you wanted?  

I'm not talking about for your house; a new television, dishwasher, refrigerator, water softener system, coffee pot, dishes, or anything that can be shared by anyone else.  I am talking ... 

What do YOU want?  

I have been think about that, only because my sweety asked me "Baby, what do you want for Christmas?"  Any other time, day, year, or season I just buy what I want, myself.  Always have.  Thought I always would.  But, one can never go wrong with knowing your woman.  Little things mean alot and big things blow the roof off.  

The other day my sweety and I were looking through Gordon's online, I have a thing for Black Diamonds, and man talk about falling in love {again}, I could have shopped online all day long.  Well we looked at the items but we didn't purchase anything, it wouldn't be a surprise then, but it was pretty awesome just looking.  Let me show you what I mean...

This Black and White Diamond Twistover ring is classic pretty

Or this Black and White Diamond Bracelet is fashionable

Love love this Black and White Diamond Dragonfly

Maybe a single Black Diamond Stone will do

How about this Black and White Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklace

Even this White Diamond and Sapphire Necklace is to die for.. not like Die die.

How awesome is this White Diamond Cross... I love the diamond cloth layover

And this White Diamond Knotted Pendant is just super

Oh my goodness... how sharp is this!!! Love the whole Past Present Future theme..

HELLO Momma!!! I LOVE this vintage look.. Look at how she stands tall and... I think I can hear her calling me.. 

No matter what you get, remember it is always better to give then to receive.  If however, you are asked what YOU want for Christmas... make sure it is for YOU.  Things for the house, can be purchased anytime.  Plus, when you are shopping, make sure to get two of the things you fall in love with; one for them and one for you.   You wont be sorry you did.

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