Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unexpected Guest + play mates = Adoption

I love Clouds...

 On Thursday of last week, my sweety and I were looking over our yard.  I have been watering the sand everyday, all day long, in hopes of bringing out the dormant grass.  It's working, the grass is peeking through the sand and spreading nicely across our front yard.  While we were combing across the yard, looking at the trees and the plants on our front porch area, we noticed little paw prints on my sweeties chair.  They were too small  for Tesla, I might add is just like Hooch on the classic movie Turner and Hooch.  Maybe not just like Hooch,  Tesla isn't as tall as Hooch.  And Tesla is Black.  And Tesla has very short legs.  However, Tesla is a bull dozer just like Hooch.  Tesla looks impressively scarey just like Hooch.  When Tesla barks people notice just like Hooch.

This is Tesla ~ he is quite a force

 The small paw prints couldn't have belonged to Thorn either.  He is tall.  Big paws.  Yellowish in color  and there was no hair left on the chair.  Thorn is the papa bear and the chair would have been mangled.

This is Papa Bear Thorn

 Nope, the paws we saw were much much smaller.  Our combing the yard took us to the back of the house, while looking at our potted tulips and bougainvillaeas, way in the back of the yard.. was a little black and white blur.  At full speed, mouth wide open and ears pinned back coming right for us was a Boston Terrier.  She was looking to play, and boy did she give Thorn a run for his money.  

 Nothing got past her, and not even Thorn could keep up with her running playing energy.  She kept her distance from my sweety and me for half the morning.  My sweety searched the fence line on our acre of property to see how she got in.  If one can get in, then two can get out.  We were not going through another search for Thorn and Tesla.  The grounds had to be searched.  Not one single spot across our fence line was tampered with.  How she was able to get onto our property with a 6 foot fence to this day, remains a mystery.

Thorn, Tesla, and the Female Boston Terrier we call Baby, became close friends.  A bond has been formed.  If she barks, the males run to her side.  If the males bark, she is quick to stand along side them, defending them until the end.

Up or Down.  Left or Right.  Front or Back.  No matter how you look at it, we have become very attached to our little Boston Terrier Baby.  For the past week, I have listed adds on Craigslist, Pet Harbor, Pet Finder, Hillsborough County Lost and Found Pets, Facebook, and Fido Finder; thinking the owners are looking for this little bundle of joy.   I would like to think they are looking for her, but if they aren't; she has a home right here.

An exhausting first day...

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