Friday, August 5, 2011

Silly Humans ...

While my sweety and I have been on Operation: Property Clean Up, it seems we intrigued two very demanding helpers.

Thorn {on the left} and Tesla {the thick monster on the right}

There came a point when we were not quite sure, if they were adding limbs to the pile; or taking them off.  Either way, they kept themselves busy... and we found them very entertaining. 

Team work.  It's all about team work.  No matter what Tesla was carrying, Thorn wanted in on the action.  They worked hard.  I have to admit, Tesla worked a little harder than Thorn. 
That's one hard worker.  Good job Tesla !!

When it was time for a break .. or a cool down.  Both Tesla and Thorn showed us the right way to do things.  

Thorn was still holding onto a stick during his break

While Tesla showed us a better way to get out of the sun.

When it came time to cool off in the pool, they both headed for the hills.  Both Tesla and Thorn made it a point to share how much they love the pool ...

Thorn was first, as you can see there is only room for one at a time. 

Tesla could not wait to dive in, dunk his head, and blow bubbles.

There is nothing like a good wrestling match between boys, after a hard days work.  Tesla had the upper hand here ...

But didn't want Thorn to feel bad for getting pinned by a little guy, so he did the only respectful thing ..

and threw the match.  Such a considerate boy; don't you think?

As my sweety and I were putting the rake and hoe away, placing the chainsaw in its case, disconnecting the electric pole saw,  picking up bits and pieces of twigs and moss.  I asked "Baby, what about the back yard.  Does it need alot of work also?"  

That's when I got the look...

from Tesla...

With his eyebrows lifted high upon his head, I knew instantly.. Tesla was voicing his opinion loud and clear..
 "The BACK yard?  Are you nuts LADY, have you even seen the back yard?"   

I fully understood "the look",  after my sweety took pictures of the back yard while standing on the car port ..

  Oh my word...

... was all I could think at the moment.  

Then it came to me and I stated..

"Well, I know where King Kong is living now.  In our back yard."  

My sweety just looked at me, puzzled; then I added .. 

"That is the only creature that could survive back there."

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