Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beauty Above ....

 I haven't ventured out, or done any site seeing, since I have been back in Florida, but I have fallen in love with the sky.

  Seagulls in flight ..

When the sky is really blue, the clouds appear in 3D, like you can jump on them and ride them into the sunset.

 Ride the cloud wave ..

 No matter where you turn, what day of the week it is, if it is before or after a storm, the sky is breathtaking...

After a longs days work ..
 I don't think even these pictures do any justice to the actual view ... but you can still see the beauty in looking above...

Post Card Moment ...
 Florida wouldn't be Florida with out palm trees.. Even the local Walmart has palm trees in the parking lot.  This is my Florida Post Card Photo, what do you think?

 Sunset through the trees ..

I really miss being able to see the sunrise and sunset.  This is the only gimps of a sunset I have been able to capture, so many trees are in the way ...  I hope that changes soon.

As the Night rolls in ..

Even on the nights where there isn't any rain, the way the night creeps in, leaving part of the sky in a sunset, and part of the sky still deep blue.. is a site to see.

 Pinkish Clouds ..

There are days when looking up, is the best part.  Even on the grandest of days, the night time colors will still leave you in awe. 

 Think I will have my sweety start the fire pit; roast some marsh mellows, sip on coffee and listen to crickets, while slapping at the blood sucking misquotes ... 

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