Friday, August 5, 2011

Operation: Property Clean Up ...

  "Clean up the front of the property first, then we  move on to the back."she spoke like a pro landscaper

"check into one of those rental dumpsters for the renovation, and place it just over there" she had it together, directing without missing a beat. She has vision.  She has drive.  

"I can see it now, it's gonna look great.  Perfect".  She looked around pointing, talking as if the place she was seeing, wasn't where she was standing. 

"We'll start with this fence line, remove this tree, and that one, and the smaller ones over here.  Brighten up the place, let the sun in and shine down on the property"    He just listened, said a few "Yep"  followed by a nod every now and then. 

 Front yard, closest to the front entrance

 Where there is vision, you have everything, and anything becomes possible.  One just has to look beyond what is already there. 

 Front entrance

 When I look at this tree, I see it with out the smaller growth around it.  I see it already cleaned up and the big strong trunk hiding in the back ground.  I see the finished product.  How it is meant to look. 

 Taken from the front yard facing the house.

 The whole front yard is full of big old wise oak trees.  I feel like I am surrounded by old wise men who have the greatest tails to tell, every time I stand in the front yard.  Although some feel the moss gives the trees personality, it blocks the sun from getting to the grass and the limbs of the trees.  Keeping the lower limbs wet, and the grass from growing.   I picture the trees stripped of the moss, on the lower limbs anyway {the reachable ones}, the dead limbs trimmed back, and sun light breaking through the trees and touching the grass with its warmth.  Can you see it?

 another view of the front yard.. facing the street

 I love this tree.. The grandness of it.

 This is the focal point of the front yard.  It screams out "the boss", standing proud and strong, making a statement in the front yard.  I can see the sun dancing around its branches, and the wind blowing the leaves tenderly. 

 Above the carport.. resting on its roof

 I see  this area cleared out, the sunlight drying the surface and bringing light to an already dark area.  I also see  lots of hard work getting it to that point. 

 Half the front yard and a small view of the house.

 The area behind the dogs and slightly left, is an island of sorts.  A make shift island that is.  The trees in this area are going to be cut down and this area opened up, in the future, colorful plants and new wood edging will line the left outer edge, and red brick will line in right inner edge.  Isn't vision wonderful.  Imagination is a beautiful thing.  

 Along the left side of the property

At the entrance way, just inside the gate, is where we started.  All the smaller run off trees were cut down {or trimmed back for future coverage} The limbs, twigs, and vines were placed neatly at the curb for pick up on Monday morning.  Some wood was set aside for winter burning.  The vision was coming together.  We were working hard and moving right along.  As we stood back and admired our hard work, it made us work even harded to see the outcome of the next area... The over grown Island.
The Island under construction

First we picked what trees were staying, and which weren't so lucky to be chosen.  The vines were pulled up, the  dead trunk was cut down, and the pruning of the remaining lucky trees began.

I can already picture the Islands beauty.

The brush and clippings are behind the Island in view of this picture.  But picture this with me.  New wood in place of the old  pictured here, raked pine needles and wood chips, new mulch, red brick on the back side, and colorful blooming plants... it will make an Island fit for a king.  Don't you think?

Carport before

Carport after 

There is still alot of hard work to do.  Plenty of trees to be removed, moss to be taken down, planting to be done, and a complete remodel on the house.  But if you look closely enough,  you to will see the vision I see.


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